A new room has been released for us to escape from in the 100 Rooms game: Room 13 (or Level 13 if you want to) and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for that room! This is a really cryptic room and extremely difficult since there is just one puzzle to figure out and so many rooms with possible solutions! But read on this walkthrough for the 100 Rooms Room 13 solution and you will finish it in no time.

The solution is written at the first door with the sets of colors being: Orange, Purple and Blue; Orange; Red, Bright green (not yellow!) and Purple; Light green and green; Dark red, Purple and orange. You have to press the correct paintings from the room in the correct order.

UPDATE: I Found the solution and deciphered the code! Here are the colors that you have to tap per each stage (as indicated near the door) in order to complete this 100 Rooms Level 13:

And this was the walthrough for Room 13 in 100 Rooms! Check back soon for the rest of the levels or check out the 100 Rooms Room 12 Walkthrough.