One more level was released to 100 Rooms by the developer after the recent update (in case you have trouble, check it out here).

But now, let’s see the walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 12, the latest level in the game: below I have text instructions on how to complete the level, the complete solution to this rather difficult stage in the game. So check out the guide below for the level 12 walkthrough:

  • Go right and tap on the upper left corner of the room. Get the rubber vacuum.
  • Go back and left and tap the lower side of the sink. Puck up the wooden pole and use the rubber thing i.e. with it to make a plunger.
  • Go back and tap the sink. Use the plunger with it and get the symbol that falls down.
  • Go back and right and tap the safe. Get the hammer near it.
  • Go back and left and tap the drawer above the toilet. Tap the blue board on the lower shelf to see the code (how many times to use the hammer).
  • Go back and tap the bath tub. Here you must tap the tiles with the hammer as instructed by the board: from the lower row, tap the 5th tile from left to right 3 times; then tap the first tile from the left on the middle row 2 times; and then tap the 6th tile from the top row 4 times. A tile will drop. Click the place where it dropped from and get the next symbol.
  • Go back to the safe and place the symbols there. Take the key and use it to open the door.

Phew! That was really difficult, by I am sure that my walkthrough to 100 Rooms Level 12 helped you a lot. So make sure you bookmark us for further help, if needed.