Finally, a much anticipated update has been released for the popular 100 Exits puzzle game and it delivers the levels 46 to 50, so just 5 new levels for us to try. But these are difficult levels and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for all of them, the solution to each of the 100 Exits new levels in order to help you proceed if you ever got stuck.

So let’s check out the 100 Exits walkthrough for levels 46 to 50 below!

100 Exits Level 46 walkthrough

You need to make the Windows logo, so here are the correct colors: top left is orange, top right is green, bottom left is blue and last is yellow.

100 Exits Level 47 walkthrough

You need to touch the left or right balls with the golden ball as instructed by the fans above. So if one moves left, you need to hit the left ball and so on. So hit them in the following order (with the golden ball, by tilting the device): Right Left Right Right Left Right Left.

100 Exits Level 48 walkthrough

You need to touch the bottles from the one with most bubbles to the one with the least. So touch (counting begins from left to right): 1, 2, 4, 3, 5.

100 Exits Level 49 walkthrough

Drag and place the rabbit in the hat. Shake the phone until the hat is all sparkly, then tap hat and the door will open.

100 Exits Level 50 walkthrough

You have to tilt your phone left/right until the lightbulb turns green. When that happens, tap the door and it opens.

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Exits Levels 46 to 50 is complete and now we can only wait for new levels to be released – hopefully soon!

For the previous levels, check out the walkthrough for 100 Exits levels 31 – 45.