100 Exits Walkthrough (Level 31 – 45 Solution)

100 Exits Walkthrough (Level 31 – 45 Solution)

Finally, the hit iPhone game 100 Exits has been updated with 15 new levels and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for them: the complete solution to levels 31 to level 45 in 100 Exits. These must be the most difficult answers that I have to share with you and it was pretty tough to find the solutions. But they are here and I can share them with you right now, so check out the solutions below in my text guide.

100 Exits Walkthrough Levels 31 – 45

100 Exits: Level 31 walkthrough
This is pretty easy: just hold your finger on the clock until it shows the same time as the time on your phone. When you get there, release the finger and the door will open.

100 Exits: Level 32 walkthrough
Turn your phone upside down to make the red circled hand bigger. Then, keeping the phone in this position, tilt it forward and left to make the red hand move over the hand above the door.

100 Exits: Level 33 walkthrough
Wait for a while and a green scan will scan the code. After that, quickly tap the blue button 3 times, red button 3 times and the green button 3 times.

100 Exits: Level 34 walkthrough
Turn your phone so that the needle in the circle is pointing upwards. Then, slowly rotate your phone to a full rotation to open the door.

100 Exits: Level 35 walkthrough
For this crazy door, you need to be at home or have the iPhone’s charger nearby: first, simply tap the button to the right (the one with the light bulb on a battery) then plug in the charger to your phone and press the left button. Tap the door to open.

100 Exits: Level 36 walkthrough
You have to make the guys run down, up then down again to open the door. Here is how they should look on each row:

– Row 1, from up to down: face down, face down, face right
– Row 2, up to down: face right, face up, face up
– Row 3, up to down: face down, face down, face down

100 Exits: Level 37 walkthrough
You have to press, at the same time, the -1 numbers on each door. Then simply open the door to the right and progress to the next level.

100 Exits: Level 38 walkthrough
Press the following letters: X, A, A, B, M, P, N, A. Press the arrow that appears, it will take you to level 37 again. There, do the same thing: press the -1s at the same time but now, when the +1s appear, press both doors at the same time to open them both then press both arrows to proceed

100 Exits: Level 39 walkthrough
Change the blue circles to show this: triangle, circle, square, X

100 Exits: Level 40 walkthrough
Slide the bottom area to the right. Enter the code: 45064509. A device will appear on the screen – tap the 100 Exits icon to open the door.

100 Exits: Level 41 walkthrough
This is tough: you have to drag the card to the card scanner above the door, without hitting the lasers. So tap and hold the card and deactivate each laser to move the card forward. To deactivate the first laser, you need to turn your device upside down. For next one, tilt to the right. Next, tilt to the left. Finally, turn the phone to normal position. You need to keep the card pressed at all times while you do this.

100 Exits: Level 42 walkthrough
Press the light switch. Hold one finger on the bottom left paw, one to the bottom right. Raise your finger from the bottom left paw, but keep the one to the right pressed. Now press the middle left paw and keep finger there. Press the middle right paw and do this until you reach the key (tap it to drop, then use it to open the door)

100 Exits: Level 43 walkthrough
Tilt the phone right to see the rest in peace sign. Tilt the phone left to move the keyboard back to the left and press the following: 4th large key from down to top, 4 times. 2nd small key from down to top once. 3rd large key: 2 times. 4th large key 2 times. 5th large key 1 time. 4th large key once. Now tap each large keys from top to bottom, one after another, to open the door.

100 Exits: Level 44 walkthrough
Drag and throw basketballs to score until you get to 44 points.

100 Exits: Level 45 walkthrough
Enter the date of the day you are currently in (so today is July 26th, so we enter 0726. August 3rd would be 0803 and so on)

And this is it! This is the walkthrough to the new levels in 100 Exits. Make sure to check back soon for more solutions which will be posted as soon as the developer will release more levels.

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