A new update has been released for the very popular 100 Exits puzzle game on iPhone, bringing us the levels 12 to level 20 in the game, some really challenging new levels that are hard to complete. Fortunately, I managed to complete the new levels and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for the 100 Exits new levels with text answers and instructions on how to complete each of the new levels.

So let’s waste no time and let’s check out the 100 Exits walkthrough for levels 12 to 20!

100 Exits Level 12 Solution
Tap the button to the right of the door and keep it pressed for no less than 15 seconds!

100 Exits Level 13 Solution
You need to complete the puzzle and get it to write (open). Here are the instructions on what you should do: Move all the top three pieces right (so you move right each one, three times). Then you climb up all the left pieces (up, up, up). The piece near to the lower left corner: left. The pieces on the second row down (all of them). The top piece on the third row: Right. The pieces on the third row: up. The bottom right piece: left. And the lower two pieces down.

100 Exits Level 14 Solution
You need to change the direction of the balls in the puzzle to match their mirrored look on the ground. You change the shape of the balls by tapping them.

100 Exits Level 15 Solution
You need to get a “Full House” here, so tap the letters: F, U, L, L and the house symbol, then the right button on the door to open.

100 Exits Level 16 Solution
You simply need to lay your phone on a flat surface (table, knee etc) just as shown in the image of the level and wait for the countdown to finish for the door to open.

100 Exits Level 17 Solution
You need to do the same thing: lay the iPhone on the table and don’t touch anything for about 10 seconds, until the door opens.

100 Exits Level 18 Solution
You have to click the balls on the door in the following order: pink, blue, black, yellow, green (or whatever the bottom color is) and pink again.

100 Exits Level 19 Solution
This is tricky: First, click the letter “O”. Then turn the iPhone upside down and click the d (which, turned, is actually a “P”). Then click E and N.

100 Exits Level 20 Solution
Turn on the TV by clicking the red button. Then, the numbers will show on the TV screen eventually, you just have to push them. I don’t think they are random: 20, 86, 36, 59, 8 – after pressing 8, you can open the door which will say that “more levels are coming soon”

And this is how to finish all the new levels in 100 Exits from level 12 to level 20. I really hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and found it extremely useful – it was really hard to complete all the levels and write this, as you can imagine!

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!