A new and highly anticipated update has been released to the popular 100 Exits game for mobile phones, bringing us 10 new levels to complete, levels 21 to level 30. Just like it happened with the past levels, the new ones are extremely challenging and you will probably need help to complete at least some of them. Fortunately, I have the solutions to share with you in this walkthrough for 100 Exits, levels 21-30 and I am sure you will find it extremely helpful.

So let’s get it started with the 100 Exits walkthrough for levels 21-30!

100 Exits Level 21
This is the well known puzzle game where you have to move all the rings from the right pole to the left one. Here’s how to do it: green circle to middle, yellow circle to left. Red to middle. Green to right. Yellow to middle. Green to middle. Blue to left. Green to left. Yellow to right, green to right. Red to left, green to middle. Yellow to left. Green to left.

100 Exits Level 22
You need to tap the door knob exactly when the yellow car is in front of the door.

100 Exits Level 23
Shake the phone to make the painting drop. Get the hammer from above the exit sign and hit with it the wall below the exit sign until you have a hole.

100 Exits Level 24
Move the whip to the right, under the Open sign. Now quickly perform a whipping move with your phone (tilt it’s upper side forward) to whip the Open sign 4 times and open the door.

100 Exits Level 25
This is more difficult to explain, so check out the video below:

100 Exits Level 26
Click the Think word 2 times. Then click the right door once, then the left door once.

100 Exits Level 27
Tap the following letters: E, X, I, T, X, X, V, I, I.

100 Exits Level 28
Add the balls in the trash can in the following sequence: Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow.

100 Exits Level 29
Press the home button on your phone twice (to get out of the game then back in). You must do this 4 times to open the door and each time you do it correctly, one of the red signs will disappear.

100 Exits Level 30
Press the following letters: I, O, O, E, X, I, T, S. Then press the following letters: O, P, E, N, D, O, O, R

And these are the latest levels in the game and how to complete them. Stay tuned for the walkthrough for the rest of the levels, as soon as they are released!