A new update has just been released for the popular 100 Doors puzzle game and I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough for the new levels. We’re talking about the levels 43 to 50, certainly the most difficult levels in the game so far, but also the most exciting.

So if you get stuck anywhere at the new levels, check out the 100 Doors walkthrough below and have fun beating the levels!

100 Doors Level 43 Walkthrough
You must simply switch the colors so that the shape to the right has the colors of the one to the left and vice-versa. You can check out the image below (no colors have been changed) and simply tap each piece to change the colors:

100 Doors Level 44 Walkthrough
Tilt your phone to control the trolley: make it hit the top right button firsy, then bottom left button, bottom right button and top left one.

100 Doors Level 45 Walkthrough
You have to tap the symbols so that the ones on the door but missing from the code are there. Below you can see a screen capture of the symbols as they need to be:

100 Doors Level 46 Walkthrough
Tap the arrows as indicated in the image below:

100 Doors Level 47 Walkthrough
Tap on the chess table at the following spots: A1, F1, D2, C8, E7. You can see below all the pieces tapped, except for the E7 one (black horse):

100 Doors Level 48 Walkthrough
Tap the numbers in the triangle on the door to show 10, and on the square to show 23 (these are dates, not actual numbers)

100 Doors Level 49 Walkthrough
Each drawing has is made of x pieces (the smiley face has 4: 2 eyes, mouth, shape of head; the sun has 7 and so on). Tap the following: sun, chair, mountains, the II, triangle and building

100 Doors Level 50 Walkthrough
Each picture to the left and right is associated to a photo above the door. Tap the following order: Moon, Lamp, Tree, Black Hat, Black (night), Mars planet. Then tap the door to exit.

But right now this is the last level at 100 Doors – level 50. More levels will be released soon, so keep your eyes on Unigamesity for the walkthrough of the rest of the levels. If you want to re-check solutions for the older levels, check out the walkthroughs below:

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