A bunch of new levels have been released in the escape the room game 100 Rooms and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for these new rooms, solutions on how to finish rooms 8 to 11 in the game. We’re talking here about a very difficult game with lots of stuff to do in order to complete each stage so we have here probably the most difficult game of this kind.

So let’s check out the walkthrough for 100 Rooms Level 8 – Level 11 below!

100 Rooms Level 8

  • Go right and tap the desk. Pick up piece of paper from the books and a pencil.
  • Go back and twice to the left and zoom in on the armchair. Tap the area below and pick up a hook.
  • Zoom in on the picture on the wall. Put the paper on the painting then use the pencil to reveal the code (592351)
  • Go back and left and zoom in on the window. Use hook with the lower left window and pick up screwdriver.
  • Go back and left and zoom in on the frame. Use the screwdriver with it and open the safe using the code. Pick up the key and open the door with it.

100 Rooms Level 9

  • Go left twice and zoom in on the right side of the heater. Pick up the long bar.
  • Go back and right. Tap the box to move it near bookshelf. Check out the fish tank for the code (colors of the fish) Tap the safe above and use the code: Green Red Red Blue Green Blue Red.Get the hook. Double tap the bar in your inventory and attach the hook.
  • Go twice to the left and zoom in on the radioactive thing and get the key with the hook. Use the key to open the door.

100 Rooms Level 10

  • Zoom onto the chair and pick up the blade.
  • Go left and zoom in on the books under the desk. Pick up the handle. Double tap the handle and use it with the blade to make a knife.
  • Zoom in to the left drawer and use the knife to open the drawer and get the flashlight.
  • Go left twice and zoom on the light bulb that is not working (one to the right). Take the bulb. Combine it with the flashlight.
  • Zoom back and then tap the lower part of the couch to zoom in. Use the flashlight to see the code: 491777. Go to the door and use this code to open it.

100 Rooms Level 11

  • Go right and zoom on the safe. Pick up coin. Hit back button and zoom in on the trash – get the spray. bottle.
  • Go back and right and zoom in on the window. Get a knife from behind the cake and a spoon from the glass. Use knife on cake to get a piece of key mold.
  • Go back and right and double tap the spoon. Put the coin in it and use it with the candle. Use spray on candle to reveal code: 451279
  • Go back and right twice and zoom in on the safe. Use the code and pick up the object inside (the second part of the key mold). Use the two pieces together to make the key mold complete. Use the spoon with it to make the key and use the key to exit!

And here you have it, the walkthrough for the 100 Rooms Levels 8 – 11, the newly released levels in the game. If you want to check out the previous levels, you can read the walkthrough for 100 Rooms, first 7 doors.