Another amazing puzzle game, 100 Rooms, has been released on Android and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for the first 7 levels of the game, a solution that will guide you through the first levels that are available in this amazing escape the room game.

This 100 Rooms walkthrough refers to a game that is similar to 100 Doors and 100 Exits, but takes the puzzle to the next level by adding more areas to the game, and therefore making everything a lot more challenging. It was tough to complete all these levels, but I am not here to share with you the solution for them so let’s not waste time and let’s check out the…

100 Rooms Walkthrough for Level 1 to Level 7

100 Rooms Level 1 Walkthrough

  • Go left twice and tap on the flower vase in the window. Tap again to move it and get the door’s lock
  • Go back and left and tap on the desk. Open the middle drawer and get the handle.
  • Open the handle (double tap) then use the lock with it to make 1 item
  • Move to the door and use the handle with it to open it.

100 Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

  • Move left twice and zoom in on the window & get the handle from the drapes
  • Go back and right and zoom in on the flower. Take the thing that looks like an antenna.
  • Go back and twice to the left and zoom in on the shelves, take the small wooden handle from the bottom shelf.
  • Tap twice on the steel handle and put the antenna thing in it, then the wooden handle to make a saw. Use it on the lock on the door to open it.

100 Rooms Level 3 Walkthrough

  • Go left twice and zoom in on the window. Take knife
  • Go back and left and zoom in on the trash can. Get piece of wood. Use knife on piece of wood
  • Go right twice and tap the chair to move it to the middle.
  • Tap the neon light and use the neon on it. Go back and notice the code (783461)
  • Use the code on the door to exit

100 Rooms Level 4 Walkthrough

  • Pick axe from above the door.
  • Go twice to the right and pick up the power plug.
  • Go right and attach the plug to the broken wire. It will plug in.
  • Zoom back and open the hot water – it will reveal a code on the window (514796)
  • Go back twice and use the axe on the pieces of wood on the wall. Use the code on the safe and pick up the keys
  • Use keys on the door to open and proceed.

100 Rooms Level 5 Walkthrough

  • Go right and notice the code & colors (2045)
  • Go right and hit on the window. Shoot ducks as indicated by the code (2 yellow, 4 green, 5 red) To shoot them, tap them. You have to do it in this exact order and a red box will be revealed. Tap the box to get hammer.
  • Go back and right and use the hammer on the glass on the table. Take piece of glass.
  • Go to the couch where the code was and use the piece of glass on the painting to reveal a code.
  • Go to the door and tap the N letter above. Then go once to the left, three times to the right and twice to the left. Door is open.

100 Rooms Level 6 Walkthrough

  • Zoom in on the pieces of wood and take the code (41423)
  • Go left and zoom in on the bucket – take it. Zoom back and then zoom in on the pipes. Use water to fill that thing and get the key up. Take the key.
  • Go back and left and zoom in on the bookshelf. Take the brown book that explains the code (symbols for the code)
  • Go back and use the code (symbols) to open the look on the drawers: half circle, triangle, half circle, cross, and strange symbol that looks like a human. Take the teddy bear.
  • Go back and left and zoom in on the painting. Put the teddy bear in the painting and use the key to open it. Get the new key and use it to open the door.

100 Rooms Level 7 Walkthrough

  • Go twice to the left and get the red book from the shelf. It’s all very cryptic here and means: 9 (Roman Numbers IX) from the chair, 8 (o’clock) from the clock, 1 from the Teddy Bear, 4 from the planks, 7 from mail box and 1 book. So the code is 981471
  • Zoom in on the safe on the table and use the code to get the tool
  • Go back to the bookshelf, zoom on it and use the tool to get the piece of wire. Use it with the tool to make it into a hook.
  • Go to the mail box and use the hook to get a key and use it on the door.

And this is the walkthrough for 100 levels, the first 7 levels. More will come soon, so make sure you add Unigamesity to your favorites or subscribe to find out the solution of the other levels as soon as they are released.