HeroCraft have released a brand new game for Android powered devices, Dragon’s Lore, a game that comes with classic match-three concepts and twists them with great visuals and a few challenges of its own, resulting in what seems like an extremely exciting game for the fans of the genre (and not only).

Telling the story of a Japanese dragon (which, apparently, unlike the “European” ones is not feared and hated by the people, nor with a soft spot for gold), Dragon’s Lore challenges you to remove the figures from a game field. Try to match pieces of the same colour by adding new cubes, this is the way to score points and earn game money. Various bonuses will help you to cope with tough levels and the dreaded timer.

The game also has a hot-seat play mode, as well as 200 levels, plus 5 single player game modes: the Story mode itself where you get to meet the Japanese dragon Kim and complete the challenges in each level; the “Classic” mode where you have to remove a specific number of blocks withing a time limit; “Arcade” where you do the same but the time limit disappears; Puzzle mode which is extremely challenging and you’ll have to think about the solution and finally the infinity mode where you can play until there are no moves left or it’s already 2078 and you’re too old for Dragon’s Lore anyway.

So, all in all, I think we can all agree that Dragon’s Lore seems like an amazing puzzler to try out – and if you’re curious to do so, head over to Google Play and download it!