100 Doors X is a port on iPhone of the popular escape the room game 100 Doors on Android. So if you played one, you’ll get the same experience from the other. But anyway, I am here to share with you the walkthrough to the first 50 levels of 100 Doors X on iPhone and teach you how to beat all the levels and find the solution to each floor. Check out the complete walkthrough below and enjoy it. And don’t forget to share it with others because it took me an awful lot of time to create it!

So let’s start checking out the 100 Doors X iPhone walkthrough!

100 Doors: Level 1 walkthrough
Click the green arrow to open the door.

100 Doors: Level 2 walkthrough
Tap the painting to the right to reveal a key. Take it and use it to open the door.

100 Doors: Level 3 walkthrough
You must tap the two matching egg shells: from the left, tap the third one from the top to bottom. From the right, tap the top egg shell.

100 Doors: Level 4 walkthrough
Turn your device upside down and tap the red button.

100 Doors: Level 5 walkthrough
Get the fish in the upper right corner. Then, using two fingers, slide sideways the doors and feed the fist to the bear, then tap it to make it leave so you can leave too.

100 Doors: Level 6 walkthrough
Drag the right red thing and have it hit the top green light at the same time with the one to the left. So tap it when the one to the left hits the green light, and they will get there at the same time!

100 Doors: Level 7 walkthrough
Tilt and shake your device to the left until the stone falls. Then, tilt the device to the right to place the rock on the red button.

100 Doors: Level 8 walkthrough
Tap and hold both levers to the sides of the door. Wait for a while and the black dots above the door will turn green and open the door.

100 Doors: Level 9 walkthrough
Spell “door color” using the first letters of the colors. So tap: dark red, orange twice, red, cyan, orange, lime green, orange, and red.

100 Doors: Level 10 walkthrough
Take the rock from the case and use it to break the glass. Take the axe and use it on the wires then use the indications on the screen to tap the buttons in the correct order (left, right, right, left, left, right, left, right)

100 Doors: Level 11 walkthrough
You simply need to write “I Love You” so tap the corresponding letters (4, 5, 6, 8, 3, 9, 6, 8)

100 Doors: Level 12 walkthrough
It’s not math, it’s mirrored images: so tap the heart-shaped object first (2s mirrored), then the 8, then the triangle

100 Doors: Level 13 walkthrough
Tap the 1 button 11 times to open the door

100 Doors: Level 14 walkthrough
Get the light bulb from the lower right corner and put it in the socket to the top left. Then keep turning the light on and off until the door opens.

100 Doors: Level 15 walkthrough
Turn the phone upside down to make that big piece of wood that’s blocking your way fall off. Then tap the door and leave the room.

100 Doors: Level 16 walkthrough
Take the torch and put on fire the wood on the cart. Then tilt the device until the cart is in the middle. Balance it to remain there until the door opens (the things in the middle will turn red)

100 Doors: Level 17 walkthrough
The indicators on the door tell you the color. So at the left we must have, from top to down: green, red, red. And at the right: red, blue, green

100 Doors: Level 18 walkthrough
Slowly turn your device around clockwise first for a complete rotation. Then slowly turn it around counter-clockwise (try multiple times until you get it done!)

100 Doors: Level 19 walkthrough
You need to tap the buttons with exclamation marks in the order indicated by the question marks. So tap the following buttons: 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, 4

100 Doors: Level 20 walkthrough
You need to tap the buttons to the right at the exact time when they appear on the screen. You need to move pretty fast, but learn the pattern, it’s always the same (chicken, robot, fish, tomato, banana, car)

100 Doors: Level 21 walkthrough
This is good if you know your horoscope right since these are all zodiac signs and you need to tap them in chronological order. So tap: the bowl with flowing water, the fish, the sheep, the bull, the two faces and finally the big lobster.

100 Doors: Level 22 walkthrough
You need to perform the exact actions to open the door:
1. tap the axe, then the big tree on the door (not the one on the button to the right!) – door should open.
2. Tap the mask, then the pesticide bottle above (or whatever that is) and tap the metal door which should open.
3. Tap the button with people, then the axe, then the door. Tap the tree, then the door. Tap the wooden thing in the upper right corner, then the door again. It should open.

100 Doors: Level 23 walkthrough
You need to tap the symbols from the most under-water to the highest one. So: fish, boat, human, bird, plane, moon.

100 Doors: Level 24 walkthrough
Tap the buttons on the door to have the following: 21 on the top, 13 on the bottom

100 Doors: Level 25 walkthrough
If you count the hours, the answer is 10. So put the hour hand at 10 o’clock and the minute hand at II (10 minutes)

100 Doors: Level 26 walkthrough
All the words spell “oqen” except for one: it’s in the highest row, at the middle (you will notice that the tail of the q is in a different position from the others)

100 Doors: Level 27 walkthrough
Slide over the eyes to shut them all. Then take the key and use it on the door.

100 Doors: Level 28 walkthrough
Simply restart the game three times (use the green arrow button in the lower right of the screen)

100 Doors: Level 29 walkthrough
Touch the bell, then as the devil looks away, take its sword. Then use it and click on the devil 7 times to have it vanish.

100 Doors: Level 30 walkthrough
You need to type the numbers of the previous level, the current one and the next one. So numbers are: 293031

100 Doors: Level 31 walkthrough
Shake your phone so three things fall off from the number 31. Put them on the wheel to the right and drag it (slide your hand on the screen) until the door opens. Click the door and proceed.

100 Doors: Level 32 walkthrough
From the second column (from left to right), tap the 5th symbol from top to down 3 times (it looks like a stick or something). On the forth column, tap the 2nd symbol once (looks like the back wing of a plane). On the first column, tap the 3rd symbol twice (looks like a snake). On the third column, tap the last symbol (bottom one) 4 times. Door will open.

100 Doors: Level 33 walkthrough
Tilt the phone left until a key slides in. Use it to open the door.

100 Doors: Level 34 walkthrough
Tap the stick notes until you have 3 on each of them, then press the red button.

100 Doors: Level 35 walkthrough
We have to sing this time, and it’s pretty tough. I will assign a number in this walkthrough to each of the notes: so the first note to the top left is 1, the next one below is 2, the bottom one is 3. The top right note is 4 and the bottom right one is 5.

We need to press the following sequence: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4, 4, 2, 1, 1, 2, 5. The door opens.

100 Doors: Level 36 walkthrough
Each of the letters mark the first letter of a number, so tap: 6, 8, 8, 1, 5, 10, 8, 9

100 Doors: Level 37 walkthrough
Touch the following animals to light them up: monkey, elephant, cow, donkey, goat

100 Doors: Level 38 walkthrough
Tap the battery from the right and place it to the left spot. Tap the top left button 3 times.
Move the battery to the right and tap the top right button 5 times.
Move the battery left and tap the middle left button 4 times, then bottom button 2 times.
Move the battery left and tap the bottom right button 6 times

100 Doors: Level 39 walkthrough
The lights on the left from top to bottom: red, white, red. Right: red, black, black

100 Doors: Level 40 walkthrough
Using instructions on numbers above door and carpet, press:
1. top left red button, door’s left window
2. left window on the door then middle right red button
3. bottom left red button, left window, right window and top right red button.
4. middle left red button, left window.
5. bottom left red button, right window.

100 Doors: Level 41 walkthrough
Tap the wooden poles as in the screenshot below to make one square bigger than the other (you will also have to tap the remaining wooden piece in the upper left corner):

100 Doors: Level 42 walkthrough
You must tap the guns from the least to the most powerful: old musket in the middle right, handgun, shotgun, uzi, machine gun, ak47 (top right gun), sniper rifle, machine gun with two feet, rocket launcher, vehicle

100 Doors Level 43 Walkthrough
You must simply switch the colors so that the shape to the right has the colors of the one to the left and vice-versa. You can check out the image below (no colors have been changed) and simply tap each piece to change the colors:

100 Doors Level 44 Walkthrough
Tilt your phone to control the trolley: make it hit the top right button firsy, then bottom left button, bottom right button and top left one.

100 Doors Level 45 Walkthrough
You have to tap the symbols so that the ones on the door but missing from the code are there. Below you can see a screen capture of the symbols as they need to be:

100 Doors Level 46 Walkthrough
Tap the arrows as indicated in the image below:

100 Doors Level 47 Walkthrough
Tap on the chess table at the following spots: A1, F1, D2, C8, E7. You can see below all the pieces tapped, except for the E7 one (black horse):

100 Doors Level 48 Walkthrough
Tap the numbers in the triangle on the door to show 10, and on the square to show 23 (these are dates, not actual numbers)

100 Doors Level 49 Walkthrough
Each drawing has is made of x pieces (the smiley face has 4: 2 eyes, mouth, shape of head; the sun has 7 and so on). Tap the following: sun, chair, mountains, the II, triangle and building

100 Doors Level 50 Walkthrough
Each picture to the left and right is associated to a photo above the door. Tap the following order: Moon, Lamp, Tree, Black Hat, Black (night), Mars planet. Then tap the door to exit.

And this is the complete walkthrough for 100 Doors X for iPhone, levels 1 to level 50. I am sure that more levels will be released shortly so make sure to check back regularly for all the levels and walkthroughs!