100 Floors Level 91 – 100 Walkthrough

100 Floors Level 91 – 100 Walkthrough

Finally, the last 10 levels have been released for 100 Floors and I am here to share with you a walkthrough to all these new levels. We’re talking about all levels from level 91 to level 100 – solutions and answers on how to beat each of them and progress all the way to the end. In other words, the walkthrough for an epic journey that started with 100 Floors!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the complete 100 Floors walkthrough for levels 91 – 100.

100 Floors Level 91 walkthrough

Get the paintbrush from the lower right corner. Use the paintbrush and use it to clean the area in the lower right corner of the wall (above the place where you got the brush from). You will reveal a number: click the number and the squares on the door will become colored. Make the colors as follows (as seen above the door): Top row: Orange, light blue, blue, Bottom row: Green, pink, yellow

100 Floors Level 92 walkthrough

Arrange the arrows to show the following directions: Top left = Up, Top right = Right, Bottom left = Up and Bottom right = Down

100 Floors Level 93 walkthrough

Hold the left red button pressed for 9 seconds, then let go (if done correctly, the door will change color). Now do the same with the right red button, but keep it pressed 3 seconds.

100 Floors Level 94 walkthrough

You must make the top spotlights face the bottom ones. So simply tap each of the top ones twice.

100 Floors Level 95 walkthrough

Tap all the buttons to change them into green buttons (only yellow buttons should be the middle left and middle right ones)

100 Floors Level 96 walkthrough

This is like a puzzle and you have to place the pieces to the sides of the door so that they fill the space perfectly. Tap each piece to rotate it and place it where it fits.

100 Floors Level 97 walkthrough

Using the knife from your inventory, pop the balloon and pick up the paper. Use the paper with the broken paper above the door. Now make the numbers below show 3, 5, 7, 7.

100 Floors Level 98 walkthrough

Use the brush from the inventory to clean the low left wall. Enter the code: 52375 and press the enter button on the door to open it.

100 Floors Level 99 walkthrough

You need to make the squares between the numbers show: +, x, =, x, -. In order to make X and = appear there, you will need to press the red buttons in the game. In order to make + and – appear, you need to press the volume up or volume down buttons in your phone.

100 Floors Level 100 walkthrough

You need to reveal the following pictures (by sliding your finger):
Top row: first picture to the left
Second row: 3rd picture from the left
Third row: 5th picture from the left
Bottom row: 6th picture from the left

And this was the last part of the 100 Floors walkthrough and game. If you want to check out the solutions for previous levels, search on this blog or check out the related posts below.