100 floors game

This is an easy level to get through, not as easy as the previous walkthrough, and not as tough as the ones you are about to

read on. 100 floors have always been a game that challenges you in a different way but 31 level is quite interesting and different from the others.

Just follow the steps and thank us later.

Step 1- Use the screwdriver

100 Floors Level 31 step 1

Use the screwdriver from the inventory

Step 2- Unscrew

100 Floors Level 31 step 2

Unscrew the two screws 

Step 3 – Rotate the sign counterclockwise

100 Floors Level 31 step 3

Once the unscrewing is done, rotate the sign counterclockwise 

Door Open

100 Floors Level 31 door open

Door open. You can now access the next level.

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