It’s time to move forward in the puzzle game 100 Floors and check out the walkthrough for the Levels 41 to 60, some extremely difficult and challenging levels that you will complete with the help of the solutions that I have provided here. Hopefully all the instructions to beat the levels are detailed enough, but if you need any extra advice, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Let’s start checking out the solutions for the 100 Floors levels 41-60 below!

100 Floors Level 41 walkthrough

If you touch the ants, their movement will describe the symbol forms you need on the wall. Here they are:
Top left = Triangle; Top right = Vertical Line; Bottom left = Hourglass; Bottom right = Triangle

100 Floors Level 42 walkthrough

First, turn the light off using the switch to the right. With the light off, drag the left side of the door left and the right side right. Now move the upper side up and the lower side down. You must now choose the symbols as seen in the doors (Top left = Triangle; Top right = Square; Bottom left = Circle
Bottom right = Diamond)

100 Floors Level 43 walkthrough

Slide both plants so they are in the middle to reveal the ball place and the green button. Put the silver ball from your inventory in the place for the ball (left side of the screen). Now tilt your phone to navigate the ball to the green button and open the door. You need to move the plants out of the way to be able to exit.

100 Floors Level 44 walkthrough

Slide the plant to the right to see the codes (they represent the colors of each of the 4 parts of the door). Tap the door parts to change the colors as seen in the code: 1st part is Gray, 2nd part is White, 3rd part is Black, 4th part is White.

100 Floors Level 45 walkthrough

Use the hammer on the air thing in the upper left corner. Pick up the knife from the floor (it’s barely visible in the left corner, next to the door). Cut the rope that is holding the balloon and tilt your phone to the left to guide the balloon to the green button. When the balloon hits the button, you can exit.

100 Floors Level 46 walkthrough

This is really up to you: you need to touch the images on the wall to match the reflections on the floor.

100 Floors Level 47 walkthrough

You need to tap the squares in such a way that you form a correct path from the electricity sign (in the lower right corner) to the button in the middle. Please have in mind that the lines won’t match exactly the pattern, but if you can create a direct line, you will do it!

100 Floors Level 48 walkthrough

Use the knife from your inventory to cut the plant covering the door. You need to count each colored flower and press the matching color button the exact same amount of times: 5 white, 5 yellow and 4 pink (you don’t have to do it quickly)

100 Floors Level 49 walkthrough

You simply need to tap the letters that form the word “Password” (SO: Pa, S twice, W, O and RD)

100 Floors Level 50 walkthrough

You need to quickly tap the button in the middle of the door to fill up the green bar and then the door will open.

100 Floors Level 51 walkthrough

You need to tap the lighted squares on the door to make a sword shape, like the one above the door (like the letter T that fell to the right side: |-

100 Floors Level 52 walkthrough

You need to touch the buttons with snowflake signs on them to make the date for Christmas (1225)

100 Floors Level 53 walkthrough

Slide down the hook and the box will go up. Unplug the cable and pick up the pliers. Then select them from the inventory and cut the fence to exit.

100 Floors Level 54 walkthrough

A is 01 and all the letters of the alphabet have increasing numbers (so B is 02, C is 03 and so on). You need to write the CODE in numbers, so type: 03150405

100 Floors Level 55 walkthrough

This is somewhat similar to Tetris: you need to fill the door with shapes who will flow down. Tilt the phone to the sides to arrange the shapes until the door is filled (and yes, this will surely take some time!)

100 Floors Level 56 walkthrough

This is similar to Minesweeper and the flags indicate bombs. You need to set the numbers on the numbered squares to each show how many bombs are near them. So on the first row, the number is 4. On the second row, the numbers (from the left) are 3 and 5. Next row: 5. Next row: 2 and 4

100 Floors Level 57 walkthrough

Touch and keep pressed the red button until a chain will be above the weight. Slide the chain on the black weight. Press the red button again until the chain with the weight is at the middle of the door. Then tilt the phone towards you and then the opposite way to crush the door.

100 Floors Level 58 walkthrough

Press the piano keys in this order: Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Right, Right, Right, Left, Middle, Middle, Right, Middle, Left.

100 Floors Level 59 walkthrough

Pick up the stone to the left and use it on the window in the upper left corner. Tap the mirror twice so that the rays reflect on the pile of wood. When it’s on fire, pick up the stick to the right and use it on the door to melt the ice.

100 Floors Level 60 walkthrough

Light the torches with the stick. The drawings show how many times you need to tap the drums: 1st drum 4 times, 2nd drum 2 times, 3rd drum 1 time, and 4th drum 4 times

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