100 Floors just received its latest update with new floors that challenge us to move forward. The new levels are more difficult than ever and that’s the exact reason why I am here to share with you a walkthrough to guide you through the 100 Floors levels 61 to level 70. Hopefully the guide below will help you easily complete all the new floors, but if you have any doubts, please post a comment.

So let’s check out the solutions for the 100 Floors levels 61-70 below!

100 Floors Level 61 walkthrough

You must put the letters to create the time indicated by the watch: 18:30. So put the I in the first box, put the F and reverse L (the _|) to the second box, put the the reverse E to the third box and the L and 7 to the fourth box.

100 Floors Level 62 walkthrough

Slide with the knife on the red wire to cut it. Press the left button 4 times and the right button 3 times.

100 Floors Level 63 walkthrough

Tilt the phone to the left until the Rock is on the LEFT button. Now you must mirror the light bulbs on the ceiling with the one on the wall. So the first line has 2 bottom squares lit, the second line has all squares lit, the third line has the first and last square lit, the fourth has the last three squares lit and the last one has the second square lit.

100 Floors Level 64 walkthrough

Click the black dot on the eye and rotate it counterclockwise very quick until the green line fills and opens the door.

100 Floors Level 65 walkthrough

Tilt the phone to the left and pick up the ball and put it into the tube, in the lower part. Use the fire stick on the fire alarm and wait for it to start and water to rise the ball and open the door.

100 Floors Level 66 walkthrough

Pick the stick (it’s somewhere on the right between the spikes). Use the stick and get the hook near the door. Use the hook on the ring of the door and then slide down on the door to make it collapse.

100 Floors Level 67 walkthrough

Move the flower pot to the left into the sunlight. Press the flower in the right corner twice to make a petal go down in the pot. Now move the pot left, under the water faucet and touch it to drop water. Now drag the flower pot back in the sun and the door opens.

100 Floors Level 68 walkthrough

Pick up the star on the floor. Touch and hold the lever to get the crate off the ground. Quickly pick up the wood square under it. Touch and hold the lever again and place the star on the empty area under the box.

100 Floors Level 69 walkthrough

This floor requires a bit of work: you need to touch the lamp to make it fall, but calculate and touch the fish to the right so that after touching the fish and it starts moving, it hits the lamp (you should touch the fish when the lamp is about 50% down). This will scare the octopus and the water will be gone from the room. Use the knife to cut off the sea weed and exit.

100 Floors Level 70 walkthrough

Touch the arrows in the next order: Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right

And this is it! You have completed level 70 of 100 Floors! Check back here on Unigamesity as soon as new levels are released to learn how to complete them!

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