100 floors game

100 Floors Level 63 uses the motion sensors of your phone and it does seem like a difficult level in terms of its treatment and setting but it’s quite basic. Like most of the levels, this one also needs your common sense, read on.

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100 floors level 63

Step 1 – Tilt Your Phone To Left

Tilt your phone to the left till the rock can press the button. A pattern will appear on the ceiling of the wall and door.

100 floors level 63 step 1

Step 2 – Match The Square Pattern

You have to match the square pattern to the circle pattern of each row.

100 floors level 63 step 2

Step 3 – Press The Second Button

Once the patterns are matched you need to press the second button on the last column.

100 floors level 63 step 3 door open

Step 4 – Door Open

That should open the doo r, you are now free to proceed to another level.

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