100 floors game

This is a fun level after the intense level you have just completed, not to say that it’s easier to crack but it is fun to figure out the hints in it. At this level, you need to use your inventory. Let’s walk through.

How to Beat 100 Floors Level 62 Step by Step

100 floors level 62

Step 1 – Pick The Knife

It starts with taking aid from your inventory, go there and pick the knife.

100 floors level 62 step 1

Step 2 – Cut The Wire in Red Color

With the knife, you have to cut a wire (red in color) that you can see coming out of the little black box that is placed in the left corner.

100 floors level 62 step 2

Step 3 – Escort the Visible Green Laser

Now you need to escort the visible green laser that you can see above the door which clears off your path.

100 floors level 62 step 3

Step 4 – Click the Left Arrow

Once you are through click the left arrow 4 times.

100 floors level 62 step 4

Step 5 – Click The Right Arrow

Then click the right arrow 3 times

This will open the door and now you can proceed to the next level.

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