100 floors game

100 floors level 65 is an easy level, you will have to use your inventory for this one to get to another level. You might also have to make use of the smoke detector.

Checkout how to complete 100 floors level 65 (Step by Step)

100 floors level 65

Step 1 – Put The Ball in The Tube

You would see an orange ball and a see-through tube, you need to put the ball in the tube.

100 floors level 65 step 1

Step 2 – Select The Fire Stick

Now from your inventory select the fire stick and then you have to keep taping the smoke detector that you can see on the ceiling. 

100 floors level 65 step 2

Step 3 – Smoke Detector Sprinkle the Room

This will make the smoke detector sprinkle the room with water, making the tube fill up and the orange ball will go up when that happens. 

100 floors level 65 door open

Step 4 – Door Open

It will hit the key and there you go, you’re off to the next level.

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