Tips For Creating Custom iPhone Ringtones

Let’s face it, one of the most annoying parts about having an iPhone is the fact that you’re so restricted when it comes to customization. Apple tends to give us just enough that we can’t complain, but there’s not a lot there to be excited about. 

Does that sound like what you’re feeling? 

Well, while we can’t just do a one method solution where your entire iPhone gets fully customized, we can help you take a step in the right direction. With your very own custom ringtone! Leave the age-old “Opening” and “Reflection” behind, and create your own instead! 

And no, you don’t need to be a super-skilled music producer to do it! You can do it with even grandma’s computer skills! 

In this post, we’re going over five tips that you can use to create your own custom ringtone in the easiest way possible! 

5 Tips For Creating Custom iPhone Ringtones

  1. Start with the right program: 

Before we get into how to make MP3 ringtone iPhone, we have to go over the mode you will use.

Sure, random online converters work, but that’s precisely how you land pesky viruses in your computer that will not leave you alone.

So let’s just avoid those like the plague, okay? Okay. Now that we know what not to use let’s get into what you should use.

The best way to go here is to use a reliable program from a reliable company. Only then will you get reliable results. (see the pattern there?)

The program we absolutely love for creating ringtones is iRingg, by Softorino. Using a reliable program like this one, you’ll have the easiest time creating your ringtones!

  1. Use clear audio
    The next tip is to use the clearest audio you can possibly use. If you’re sourcing the audio from YouTube, try to use the official links, not the reposts. The clearer the audio is before you download it, the better the final ringtone will be!
  2. Cut it up!
    Sure, you might love the entire song, but can you really imagine listening to the intro, filler, chorus, and outro of a song every time your phone rings? That will be unique, but it’ll also be a bit much.

Having to wait for the good part would make you not want to pick up the phone until you get to the part you like and by then, the caller might just hang up! Unless that’s your goal, cut the audio up to a 30-second window you like the most! 

.hat way, the phone starts ringing at the good part!

  1. Add a personal touch
    If you’re using iRingg as we suggested, you’ll have the option of mixing in your own voice in the ringtone too! Using the SndMoji™+ Voice feature, you can easily layer your voice on top of the audio file to make it your own!
  2. Finish it off with the final tweak
    Nothing’s worse than being woken up by a ringtone that starts abruptly! It’s nice to keep the ringtone smooth, remember to add a nice little fade-in and fade-out to the final file before exporting it. That way, you’re going to get a nice faded loop, and it won’t be weird even if your phone’s ringing for a while!

And Voila! 

That’s it! All that’s left to do is export the file to your iPhone, and you’re ready to use it as your ringtone!  

If you don’t know how to export a soundtrack from your computer as a ringtone to your iPhone, don’t worry, iRingg will automatically do that part for you too! 

Just go into your settings and select the track, and enjoy your brand new custom ringtone on your iPhone!