Bridge Constructor is an extremely popular and challenging physics game for the iPhone and iPad where we must build bridges that are solid enough and don’t crumble under the weight. This, as you can imagine, is extremely difficult, so I have decided to share with you a complete walkthrough for Bridge Constructor, a guide that shows you exactly how to build the bridge that stands and manage to beat the game.

In this Bridge Constructor Walkthrough, you can see the solution for all the areas in the game and all the bridges (below with times where levels start):

0:05: Westlands walkthrough (Bridge 1, Bridge 2, Bridge 3, Bridge 4, Bridge 5, Bridge 6)
1:17: Central Mainland
2:30: The Ridge
3:48: Eastern Mainland
5:03: Tamassee

Please have in mind that all the bridges below are already completed, so the best thing to do in order to fully have the entire picture of how to build the bridges is to pause the walkthrough video and restart when a new level begins. Good luck!

Check out the Bridge Constructor Walkthrough for all bridges:

Cheers to pawelpw for creating this amazing walkthrough!