100 floors game

Are you playing 100 Floors and stuck in level 41? In this post, I’ll walkthrough you the 100 Floors level 41 and how to complete it.

Lets Start:

This is a fairly simple level as compared to the others.

100 floors level 41 (step 1)

Step 1

You have to find the correct shapes by touching the ant on the screen and observe what are the exact shapes that the ant path has formed.

Step 2

The correct shapes are supposed to look like-

  • Top left- Triangle 
  • Top right- Line 
  • Bottom left- Two Triangles 
  • Bottom right- Triangle 
100 floors level 41 step 2

Step 3

This will open the door, touch the green arrow and proceed to the next floor.

100 floors level 41 ( door open)