100 floors level 42

100 Floors Level 42 is hard and has too many instructions to keep in mind, It also has an arrangement of shapes that you might be familiar with from the previous levels.

Lets discuss the steps.

Step 1–  There is a button at the bottom left of the screen that needs to be pressed to switch the lights off.

Step 2– Half left door has to be slid to its left. 

Step 3- Similarly Half right door has to be slid to its right 

Step 4– The top part of the door has to be slid up and the bottom part down.

Step 5– Arrange the shapes views on the previous steps 

The arrangement should look like this-

  • Top left = Triangle
  • Top right = Square
  • Bottom left = Circle
  • Bottom right = Diamond

Step 6– You can access the next level now.

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