After completing the first 20 levels in 100 Floors (if you have trouble, you can check out the walkthrough), we get to some bigger challenges starting with level 21 which is itself a very difficult level. But I am here to share with you the solutions for 100 Floors Level 21 to Level 40 in this walkthrough that is easy to follow. Just search for the level you got stuck at in the game and you will complete it in no time!

100 Floors Level 21 walkthrough

Just hold your phone upright (in a vertical position) and the eye will open. Wait for a while until all the lights open.

100 Floors Level 22 walkthrough

Break the statue with the hammer. N-E-W-S are actually cardinal points and you should swipe in the indicated direction (up, right, left, down) and the door opens.

100 Floors Level 23 walkthrough

Touch the switch from the lower right side of the screen. Use the metal plate from your inventory to the door. Click the flowers from the one with most petals to the one with least, going up, to open the door.

100 Floors Level 24 walkthrough

With two fingers, draw the door up (slide up). When the arrow can be seen, tap it with another finger, without letting the door down.

100 Floors Level 25 walkthrough

You have to match the sliders with the ones indicated on the floor (slider to the left is all the way down, the other is all the way up, third is one step down, last one in the middle)

100 Floors Level 26 walkthrough

You have to change the batteries to match the correct voltage. Here is how you should have the batteries placed:
5V – 20V – 20V
1V – 1V – 5V

100 Floors Level 27 walkthrough

Move the fridge away (slide right) until a crack is revealed on the wall. Use hammer to break the crack and take a crank. With it, open the door (rotating it as the blue line shows)

100 Floors Level 28 walkthrough

You have to tap the screen as indicated by the green dots and make a short pause afterward. (so this should be the order: tap, tap, pause. tap, tap, tap, pause. tap, pause. tap, tap, pause)

100 Floors Level 29 walkthrough

Simple put the phone on a table with the screen up to start the countdown timer. When the bomb explodes, the door opens.

100 Floors Level 30 walkthrough

Check out what’s the time on your phone and slide the clock hands to indicate that time. Then pull the lever.

100 Floors Level 31 walkthrough

Use screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws then rotate counterclockwise the sign.

100 Floors Level 32 walkthrough

You must make it so the sum of all numbers is 12 from any direction. Here are the numbers:
6 – 1
3 – 4 – 5
7 – 2

100 Floors Level 33 walkthrough

You must simply tap the buttons based on the colors that are connected to the fruits. You need to score 5 correct answers in a row to open the door.

100 Floors Level 34 walkthrough

You must tap the name of the game, so tap (I, O, O, F, L, O, O, R, S)

100 Floors Level 35 walkthrough

Pull the plug out of the socket. On the door, number 88 will appear. Tap the number bars until you get 35 (the level we’re at)

100 Floors Level 36 walkthrough

You must tap fish, dog, apple, plane, moon.

100 Floors Level 37 walkthrough

Move the barrel to the right to reveal green button. Put your finger in the upper left corner of the screen and slide down. A new button will be revealed. Tilt your phone to the left and tap the box in the corner to reveal a metal ball. The door will now open.

100 Floors Level 38 walkthrough

This is a really difficult one and you need to be very fast and it’s a difficult puzzle. The idea is to have the three arrows to reach the green area at the same time. So tap the biggest circle first, when it’s at 6 o’clock, tap the smallest circle, when it’s at 9 start tapping the medium circle too.

100 Floors Level 39 walkthrough

You must cover all the white dots by sliding lines: draw a line diagonally to the bottom from the upper left corner, then go straight up to the top green light, then draw the 3rd line to the bottom again, then the last one straight across the bottom.

100 Floors Level 40 walkthrough

Press the volume button of the iPhone until you mute the phone.

And this is it, the next 20 levels of the 100 Floors game are solved thanks to this guide / walkthrough. As you can see, things started to get really difficult here, but I am sure that you’re now frustration free after completing all these new levels!

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