100 Floors is an extremely challenging puzzle game available on iPhone and Android and it’s goal is to have us get to the next floor with the elevator. I am here to share with you a complete 100 Floors walkthrough because the solutions for the levels are not always that simple.

In this article we will check out how to beat the 100 Floors levels 1 to 20 and I am sure you will love the walkthrough guide below as I try to keep all the instructions at a minimum. Good luck!

100 Floors Level 1 Walkthrough

Just press the green arrow pointing up, then the green arrow to proceed to next level.

100 Floors Level 2 Walkthrough

Slide the Garbage Bin to the left. Pick the green up button. Put the button above the red one. Press the button!

100 Floors Level 3 Walkthrough

Shake your phone until the door opens.

100 Floors Level 4 Walkthrough

Put your fingers on the doors and pry them open.

100 Floors Level 5 Walkthrough

Hold the phone upside down or shake it well until the ladder falls.

100 Floors Level 6 Walkthrough

Slide the plant on the right side to the left to reveal a button that looks like a sun. Touch all the sun buttons on the screen to open door.

100 Floors Level 7 Walkthrough

Tilt your phone left-wards until the stone moves left to the button.

100 Floors Level 8 Walkthrough

Move all the fruits to the left until you find banana. Take the banana and give it to the gorilla.

100 Floors Level 9 Walkthrough

Tap the big circles until they match the colors of the screws that are near them.

100 Floors Level 10 Walkthrough

First, turn the phone upside down and shake it to lose the snake. Slide as the arrow indicates to open the door.

100 Floors Level 11 Walkthrough

It’s up for your skill now: balance the phone so that the two balls get in the middle hole then wait for the three lights to light up.

100 Floors Level 12 Walkthrough

Quickly tap each red button until the ball goes up and touches the green button.

100 Floors Level 13 Walkthrough

Shake the phone well and the hammer will fall. Then use the hammer to hit the wall until it collapses.

100 Floors Level 14 Walkthrough

Just hold the finger on the green button with a palm drawn on it until all the 5 lights above the elevator go green.

100 Floors Level 15 Walkthrough

Tap the numbers in the following order: 1, 6, 4, 3

100 Floors Level 16 Walkthrough

First, pick up the screwdriver. Then pick it up and touch the 4 screws to unscrew them and remove the plate. Turn the phone upside down to open the door (shake it a little if it does not work)

100 Floors Level 17 Walkthrough

Tilt the phone to control the ball and use it on the lines of the glass door to hit the buttons.

100 Floors Level 18 Walkthrough

You will have to be really quick here and light all the five buttons. Quickly light up the three to the left, then the two to the right (by moving the finger over them)

100 Floors Level 19 Walkthrough

Pick up the cloth from the floor and use it to clean the spider’s web on the window. When the window is clean, the door will open.

100 Floors Level 20 Walkthrough

Move the sign to the left. Pick up the screw from the floor and put it in the empty space. Use screwdriver to screw it tight and the door will open.

We can say that these first 20 levels of the 100 Floors were just the beginning and they’re getting us used with how the game works. But the hard part only now begins so stay tuned for the rest of the walkthrough for 100 Floors and the rest of the levels!

Update: Check out the walkthrough for 100 Floors levels 21-40 now!