Crazy Basketball is probably one of the most successful and popular iPhone games out there and I am sure that you want to get all the achievements in the game before your friends do. Therefore, knowing what these are and what should be done to get them is clearly a bonus, one that you will get now by checking out the list of Crazy Basketball Achievements. There are just 10 achievements to get, but it’s not really that easy to get them all, as you will see in the list below.

– Long Shot
– Accuracy Shot
– Last Goal
– Hit 2 times in a row
– Hit 4 times in a row
– Hit 6 times in a row!
– Hit 8 times in a row!
– Hit 10 times in a row!
– First Strike (Hit the first time in the rings)
– Sniper Cupb (10+ hits in the ring for 2 minutes, without losing the ball!)

Each of these achievements in Crazy Basketball is worth 100 points and obviously the last ones are the hardest ones to get.

What do you think about the Crazy Basketball achievements? Are they difficult to get?