100 floors game

Are you playing 100 Floors and stuck in level 48? Looking for walkthrough to complete the 100 Floors level 48? This post will walkthrough you step by step to complete the level 48.

Let’s dive in:


100 Floors Level 48

With the selected knife from your inventory. Touch the plant that covers the door to open it. 

Step 2:

100 Floors Level 48 _2

Then count the similar colored flowers.

Step 3:

100 Floors Level 48 _3

Press each colored button as many times as the flower of that color. The exact number would be-

  • White button- 5 Times 
  • Yellow Button-5 Times
  • Pink Button- 4 Times

This will open the door and now you can go to floor 49.

100 Floors Level 48 _complete_ door open

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