100 Floors: Annex is unlocked after beating all the 100 levels of 100 Floors – so the challenge continues with 5 new Annex levels and I am here to share with you a walkthrough with details on how to beat these 5 new levels. So if you ever get stuck, check out the 100 Floors: Annex walkthrough below for the complete solution!

We will add more levels when they are released to the game!

100 Floors: Annex Level 1 walkthrough

Tap the machete and cut the rope that holds the rock. Now you have to move fast: a platform will start dropping to the left, and there’s an egg on it. Tap the egg before it hits the ground and breaks. Use the egg on the nest and the door opens.

100 Floors: Annex Level 2 walkthrough

You need to “draw” an angle there: so tap the top[ right green dot, tap the middle circle dot then the one to the left and the door will open

100 Floors: Annex Level 3 walkthrough

You need to tap the indicated buttons to show the numbers: top green – 5 (tap 5 times). Bottom Green – 2 and Bottom RED – 5.

100 Floors: Annex Level 4 walkthrough

You need to tap on the drums as indicated by the dots above the door and at the same time as the figure moves its foot. So: Tap Once, Pause, Tap Once, Pause, Tap 3 Times, Pause, Tap Twice, Pause, Tap Twice and the door opens.

100 Floors: Annex Level 5 walkthrough

First, tilt the device towards you to make the books drop. Then, draw each of the bookshelves to the left and right to see the pattern. Then tap the squares on the door to fill the pattern. It looks like the one below, with the only mention that there should be a circle on the bottom left square to open the door:

And this is the 100 Floors: Annex walkthrough for the first 5 levels released. More will come shortly, so make sure to check back soon for the rest of the solutions.