The challenge of building your own Dinosaur Park becomes reality in Jurassic Park Builder, a game available for iPad. Although the game’s mechanics are pretty obvious and basic, there are some tips and tricks you should consider when playing Jurassic Park Builder and I am here to share them with you in what should (and hopefully will) be considered a true Jurassic Park Builder strategy guide.

So read on to make sure that you hone up your skills as a Jurassic Park Builder and make sure to take the most out of these tips and tricks for a better strategy!

1. Level up your dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs make you money in Jurassic Park Builder and the higher the level of a Dinosaur, the more money it will make for you. And dinosaurs level up after you feed them for a number of times, so make sure that your main priority is to feed the little beasts. The higher their level, the greater your income!

2. This means that you have to keep your food producing buildings running all the time. You need to select the amount of money you invest and how much food you need (either for herbivores or carnivores) and make sure you come back after that time passes to collect the food and place a new order. Your food producing buildings should be running all the time and it would be best if you could place orders that are ready faster because they give you more food. However, if you know you can’t log in after that time passes, it might be wiser to place a longer order. Just calculate and try to anticipate in order to make sure that you get the most out of it.

3. How to earn more gold in Jurassic Park Builder
You will notice that you need a ton of gold in order to keep the park running and fortunately, the dinosaurs are not the only ones who produce gold. Equally important are buildings that produce gold on their own, so invest in getting them from the market. Also, invest in decorations so that your dinosaurs produce even more gold. And since your space is limited, make sure that you sell any unwanted building and replace it with a better one.

4. Complete missions
Missions are a great way to keep the story going in Jurassic Park Builder and earn some really nice rewards. From experience points to meat and gold (and sometimes even dollars, the premium currency), missions are a great way to move forward while also getting a bit more from the game itself in terms of a challenge (as if running your dinosaur park isn’t enough of a challenge!)

5. Code Red Minigame (add 5 carnivores)
Focus on having 5 carnivores in your park as soon as possible because you will get access to a mini-game that can reward you with a ton of gold coins. This Code Red game can be accessed when it’s raining, and you will have to prevent your carnivores from escaping. Do it and you will earn a log of gold!

6. Expand & Explore
You will soon find out that the space you have available for your dinosaur park is not enough so you will have to expand: expansions give you more space to play with, therefore you should focus on doing this to increase your revenue and have more space for dinosaurs which, you’ve guessed it: help you increase your revenue!

I really hope that these tips will help you get better at Jurassic Park Builder and turn you into a pro. If you have other tips to share with your fellow Jurassic Park Builder players, don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section below.