We’re continuing the 100 Gates walkthrough with the next 10 levels in the game, levels that are a lot more difficult than the first 10 ones. But I am here to share with you a complete 100 Gates walkthrough for levels 11 to level 20, so you have no reason to worry in case you get stuck: the solution is here and you’re just a few steps away from completing all the new challenges!

So let’s check out the complete solution for the next 10 levels in 100 Gates!

100 Gates Level 11 walkthrough
Drag the pile of wood to the fireplace, then shake your device to start the fire. Now tap the chest to open it and reveal the shapes. Now drag the green on in its spot in the upper left corner. The blue circle in the upper right, the yellow triangle on the left corner of the fireplace and the red piece is placed right above the fireplace.

100 Gates Level 12 walkthrough
Take the hammer and use it to break the bottles. A knife drops – take it and repeatedly tap the spider’s web until you can exit.

100 Gates Level 13 walkthrough
Tap the button to reveal a code. Now slowly tilt and hold your device to the right (just a small tilt) and wait until the chair disappears. Tap the painting and you can move forward to the next level.

100 Gates Level 14 walkthrough
It’s like a puzzle and you must re-create the body of the skeleton. First, remove all the weapons to a corner because they just stand in the way: first attach the torso, then the bottom part, then the left left leg, right leg, left arm, then the right hand. Tap the mirror several times to break it and proceed. See screenshots below for instructions on the order of item placement and how the final thing looks like:

100 Gates Level 15 walkthrough
First, tap the sun symbol in the upper left corner and place it on the door. Then tap the zodiac signs in the following order to open door:

100 Gates Level 16 walkthrough
This one took ages and made my brain explode! So, there are two things to consider here: tilting the phone to make the bow on the hearts move, then the direction the cupids are facing. So here is the order:

1. Tilt the phone until the bow is pointing to the upper left corner, then click the bottom left cupid.
2. Tilt the phone until the bow is pointing at the bottom left corner, then click the upper left cupid.
3. Have the bow point directly upwards then click the top right Cupid.
4. Have the bow point directly downwards and click the last cupid. Click the door and exit.

100 Gates Level 17 walkthrough
You need to tap the fruits in the order shown on the pan: Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Pear, Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Watermelon, Lemon then once again Apple. Simply tap the apple as soon as the symbol of the apple shows and it pressed and you will hear a sound. Then tap the door and proceed.

100 Gates Level 18 walkthrough
The numbers are in roman language and the solution is: 3, 5, 9, 7, 1.

100 Gates Level 19 walkthrough
Based on the pattern, make the following petals blue (the last one is numbered because once it’s blue, it disappears):

100 Gates Level 20 walkthrough
Tap the knife and use it with a sliding motion to cut the vines. A code appears showing you how many times to tap the coats of arms. So tap the bottom left one once, don’t touch the top left one, tap the top right one three times and the bottom right one twice. Tap and hold the sword until you get the “More coming soon” message.

And this is it! You have completed the first 20 levels of 100 Gates! This walkthrough was really difficult to write and I spent countless hours trying to find the solutions (then writing them), so help me as much as you can in return by clicking the like buttons, sharing with your friends and subscribing. Thanks!

You can check out the walkthrough for the first levels here and don’t forget to check back soon for the solution to the next levels as soon as they are released!

UPDATE: A new set of missions has been released, so make sure to check out the walkthrough here in case you need some help.