The amazing 100 Gates game for Android has been updated with a bunch of new levels and I am here to share with you the walkthrough for them. We’ll begin with the solution for 10 more levels, from level 21 to level 30. So in case you get stuck somewhere or you can’t complete a level, refer to this 100 Gates walkthrough for levels 21 – 30 and you will certainly get out of trouble.

Please share and rate, creating this type of walkthroughs is time consuming and very difficult so any bit of help from your side too helps a lot. Now let’s check out 100 Gates Level 21 – Level 30 Walkthrough below!

100 Gates Level 21 walkthrough

Shake the device until the dragon disappears and leaves behind a set of flames. Then, drag all the pipes from the lower right corner and arrange them to create a shower to put off the fire. Here is how the final design of pipes should look like (you can use the symbols in the middle as a guide on how to place them and you must do it in the correct order, you will hear a click when a piece is correctly assembled):

Now get the sword from the inventory and use it to kill the dragon and proceed to the next level.

100 Gates Level 22 walkthrough

You have to press the scrolls as indicated by the books below and the symbols on the shelves. I have numbered the scrolls in the order you have to press them in the image below:

Now tap the shelves and proceed to the next level.

100 Gates Level 23 walkthrough

This is a very difficult and challenging puzzle where yuo have to move each of the symbols to their indicated spot (that matches the symbol color). So press the following symbols in the exact order to complete the puzzle

pink, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, pink, blue, yellow. Then tap the middle of the door and go to the next level.

100 Gates Level 24 walkthrough

You need to tap the skulls as indicated by the numbers under the candles to the light (top, left, right, bottom) but the trick is that the skulls must be vertical when you tap them (like the top and bottom ones). So press the top skull first while keeping the phone in a vertical position (the skull, when tapped correctly, will produce a sound and will start to move). Then rotate the phone to your right and tap the left skull. Then rotate it all the way to the left and tap the right skull. Then turn it vertically again and tap the bottom skull. Open the door and proceed.

100 Gates Level 25 walkthrough

For level 25, the gear is steered by moving your phone. When the gear hits the numbers, they start to spin. I’m not sure if order is important, or just whether they need to be spinning in the right direction, but this is how I did it: 12 (XII) spinning clockwise, 5 (V) spinning clockwise, leave 3 (III) and 9 (IX) staying still, and 7 (VII) spinning counter clockwise. (Thanks everybody, especially JoJo)

100 Gates Level 26 walkthrough

Here you must change the order of the signs. Tap the 5th sign (right-most one), 5th, 1st, 1st, 5th, 5th.

100 Gates Level 27 walkthrough

This is a very simple puzzle. Simply tap each of the blocks to turn them around until you solve the puzzle. Requires time, but it is easy. In case you get stuck, here is how the final thing should look like:

100 Gates Level 28 walkthrough

This is a really tough level and will probably require more playthroughs: the idea is to move each of the items that fall when the level starts where it belongs by tilting the phone: Star to the moon symbol to the top left, Shield and Sword to the Knight’s armor symbol to the lower left, bone and skull to bottom right. It makes things easier to balance and control if you start the level with your phone on a flat surface (like putting it horizontally on a table).

100 Gates Level 29 walkthrough

It’s all about tilting and balancing again, this time you have to put the planets in the correct place as indicate by the sign: earth (blue) to the left; Mars (middle) and Venus (right). A good idea here is to turn your phone upside down, arrange the planets there and then turn the phone to place them where they belong.

100 Gates Level 30 walkthrough

Here you have to drag the keys to their place. Before putting any key, you have to tap the wheel in the middle (if the order changes, just know that the brighter arrow with a rectangle above indicates which key to place). So tap the wheel and place the top right key. Tap the wheel twice and place the bottom right. Tap twice and place the bottom left. Tap twice and place last key.

And this is it: the walkthrough for 100 Gates Level 21 – 30 is complete and you have finished the new set of 10 levels in the game. Stay tuned, as I will update this as soon as new levels are released for the game. Until then, if you need help beating the previous levels, check out the walkthrough for the previous 10.

UPDATE: 5 new levels have been released so check out the 100 Gates walkthrough level 31 – level 35.