100 Rooms walkthrough for level 22 is here – the latest update of the game brought us level 22 also and I am here to share with you all the details on how to complete the level in this guide. So if you can’t get the cryptic puzzle messages or you’re simply not as good at maths as you should be, I am here to share with you the secrets.

So let’s check out the 100 Rooms Level 22 Walkthrough below for 100 Rooms for Android!

First of all, this is once again one of those puzzles where the code is in the decor. The image to the top right shows us the order in which we should consider the code.

This was really difficult! On the first wall, the code is different from what I initially thought: we have to divide all the framed numbers by 2 and those who end with a .0 decimal are the right ones. Only 2 and 4 are like this, so the first number is 24. Then we have 4 furniture pieces there, which means that our second number is 4

On the next image, we have the sun thing, where we have to think that one day is 24 hours long, which means that divided by 2 (as seen in the image) is 12 – this is the third number.

Next, the final one is waaaay too much: after counting the fish and birds, remove the number of fish that the birds would eat, so you end up with 10 birds and 11 fish (the final 2 numbers).

So the code for the door is: 244121011

Thanks to everybody who commented and helped us get this walkthrough done!

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