100 Rooms walkthrough for level 22 is here – the latest update of the game brought us level 22 also and I am here to share with you all the details on how to complete the level in this guide. So if you can’t get the cryptic puzzle messages or you’re simply not as good at maths as you should be, I am here to share with you the secrets.

So let’s check out the 100 Rooms Level 22 Walkthrough below for 100 Rooms for Android!

First of all, this is once again one of those puzzles where the code is in the decor. The image to the top right shows us the order in which we should consider the code.

This was really difficult! On the first wall, the code is different from what I initially thought: we have to divide all the framed numbers by 2 and those who end with a .0 decimal are the right ones. Only 2 and 4 are like this, so the first number is 24. Then we have 4 furniture pieces there, which means that our second number is 4

On the next image, we have the sun thing, where we have to think that one day is 24 hours long, which means that divided by 2 (as seen in the image) is 12 – this is the third number.

Next, the final one is waaaay too much: after counting the fish and birds, remove the number of fish that the birds would eat, so you end up with 10 birds and 11 fish (the final 2 numbers).

So the code for the door is: 244121011

Thanks to everybody who commented and helped us get this walkthrough done!

Until then, we have the 100 Rooms Level 21 walkthrough ready and you can also follow the link for the 100 Rooms Level 23 walkthrough.


  1. We are at the door, the image to the top right indicates us to go left also there are two arrows (one left=100? And one right =50?) Or is it pointing at the numbers below? 1 and 5? Hmm!?!
    I’m stuck too.

    • My older brother figured it out on my phone after an hour of trying different things. It’s actaully not as hard as it seems to be. I don’t want to spoil it and give away the answer, so i’ll give you a clue. For one of the digits to the code, you simply have to multiply 2 numbers, and then divide by another. The hardest part is figuring out the order.(just don’t over think it, and you’ll get it right)

  2. There are 5 arrows so I assumed it is a 5 digit code. The one arrow pointing to the wall with sun & moon means one digit to me. If you look at picture as a whole you will see the number 8… Hope this helps!!!

  3. I was thinking that thesun picture represents an 8 but the picture is split in half so it becomss 4, thr highlighted number 3 looks as if it may reprrsent the square indents at the bottom of the wall however it has 100/2 =50.0 so i was guessing the half indents? And with the fish and birds facing right i got 13. If you can tell you can see the lighting upon the # 1-5 frames. Two lines to the left (1-2), 3 is highlighted all around but 4-5 is highlighted to the right butim not sure if it represents anything

    • Everything in the room is supposed to be halved? So the 8 in the sun picture is a four? Half of the birds and fish is 15.5 and what about the numbers? 1.5 for the three? None of the codes like that have worked… even going counterclockwise like the map says…

  4. I though the sun and moon picture means “/”. And it will follow the 100/2=50.0. So the 100 is left side wall, the / is the picture of sun and moon, and the birds and fish will 2 of that function. But still doesnt work. Plz find the answer!

  5. I counted 31 creatures in all. also I thought the arrows were pointing to the 1 and 5 and the Sun and moon picture is related to the clue 100/2=50.0 since the image is split as well. also I think the decimal 0 in 50.0 has significance.

  6. The panels on the wall are part of the equation. Notice the suitcases and chairs cover up parts and leave the small one as a divider

  7. Hello i didn’t find the f****code but if we look the sun turning your phone we find the number 13 on is mouth sorry for my english

  8. Level 23 count bads- in the yellow submarine there ar 8 windows, as you see in the room are 3 bads so it is 8*3. Then count seats in the map- every circle is chear so it is 43. And at the end racoons 38. sorry for my english


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