Surprisingly, a new update has been released for the 100 Missions game today, bringing us level 6 one day in advance. I am here, as always, to share with you a complete walkthrough for the 100 Missions Level 6 and help you create the gun and get one step closer to rescuing the agent.

This time, we’re talking about a very difficult mission, so this walkthrough will surely come in handy. Just check it out below and give us some love if you found it useful. 100 Missions Level 6 walkthrough below!

1. Tap the door to get inside the room (bedroom) and pick up a knife under the right bed’s pillow.
2. Tap the left bed (where a radio player is) and from the top collect an iron rod.
3. Go back and tap the door in front, then the one to the left. You are in the kitchen. Get the bottle of vodka from the table to the right and a large pan from the left.
4. Tap the microwave to zoom in and pick up the bottles (right and top). In your inventory, put the vodka in the pan. Add the oil and chemicals. Add the pan in the microwave oven.
5. Use the metal rod on the door to block it with the guards inside.
6. Enter the newly freed room and pick up the red wheel from the pipe.
7. Go back and use the wheel on the fire extinguisher on the wall to take it.
8. Go back and right and zoom in on the guard, then use the extinguisher to knock him down. Take pistol and key from him
9. Now tap the big gray thing above and use the valve on it, then use it.
10. Go back tot he room where we had water (which is now gone) and pick up a screwdriver
11. Go to the bedroom again and zoom in on the stereo. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws on the left speaker and pick up the circular magnet.
12. Go back twice and once to the left and use the silvery key on the drawer to get some bullets.
13. Go back once more to the unflooded room and zoom in on the metal grate on the floor. Use the screwdriver with the screws to remove the grate and then combine the knife with magnet and get the gun clip.
14. In your inventory, put the bullets in the clip and the clip in the gun.
15. Go all the way to the door with the man and the gun and click on it with the gun selected.

And this is it! You have completed the 100 Missions Level 6, a mission that was not as difficult as we might have expected, but hopefully the developer of this game will pick things up and do a better job next time. When we’ll once again be here and share with you the walkthrough for the game, so stay tuned!

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