Last time in the 100 Missions level 3 we managed to make it on the enemy vessel in our quest to save the agent and this time we have to deal with the guards and continue our adventure in 100 Missions Level 4. Just like all of the other levels of the game, a walkthrough is much needed because of the degree of difficulty the game has and I am here to share that with you. So if you need any help completing the 100 Missions Level 4, walkthrough is the word you’re looking for and that is exactly what you will be getting here.

100 Missions Level 4 walkthrough

1. Pick the large anchor from the green box.
2. Go right and tap the white poles. Get a metal rod from there.
3. Go back and tap the barrels. Get the wrench and also pick up a heavy barrel to the left of the white one
4. Go to the guard and use the metal rod on him. Tap him and get the matches from the pocket area.
5. Tap the ladder and pick it up. Use it on the green container. Tap it to climb up and pick up the crowbar and the bucket.
6. Go back and tap the big stairs. Pick up the metal chains.
7. Go left and tap the boxes on the stairs. Pick up one newspaper from the box and one box from the stairs.
8. Go back to the guard area and tap the yellow machine near the stairs. Tap it until you see some cogs moving. Use the chain on the cogs to stop them and pick up the small cog. Then use the wrench on the screws to pick them up.
8. Go back and tap the brown thing near the white door. Use the cog on the empty place and also put in the screws. The mechanism will start to move.
9. Now place the crowbar to the right of the spinning cogs and you will hear a sound.
10. Take the fishing net near the brown thing.
11. Go left and place the fishing net under the hook (select the net in the inventory and tap the ground under the hook).
12. Tap the net and put there the barrel, the anchor and the crate.
13. Tap the controller thing on the column to the left and tap the up button. You will see that the hook got the fishing net up.
14. In the inventory, drag the newspaper over the bucket and place it under the ground under the fishing net.
15. Use the matches on the bucket and the guards will come to see the fire. Press the controller thing again and press the red button.
16. Enter the white door and… congratulations! You have completed level 4!

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Missions Level 4 is here and I really hope that you found it useful. It wasn’t easy to find all the combinations, but we eventually managed to complete the level and I am glad that I was able to share with you the 100 Missions Level 4 walkthrough (or missions 4 walkthrough, to be correct). So stay tuned for a new walkthrough when it is released!