Great news! 100 Missions has received a brand new level or mission for us to complete, the 100 Missions Level 3 and I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough for it. It’s our quest to save an undercover agent who has been captured and the mission is extremely exciting.

So read on below the 100 Missions Level 3 walkthrough (or mission 3 walkthrough, to keep up with the theme) and have fun completing the game.

1. There is a crosshair moving on the screen. Tap it when it is exactly facing the head of the guard (it’s OK if you miss, nobody will get alerted).
2. Zoom in on the soldier and pick up the dart on his neck. Then tap his chest and take piece of paper with code (3555).
3. Tap the opened door to move inside. Take the clipboard on the table with some code. Take the glass mug, the large boltcutter near the chair, the piece of meat from the fridge and a Redbull.
4. Also, barely visible near the fridge, there is the side of a piece of paper. Tap it and get the duct tape.
5. Now we have to disable the cameras using the computer (tap the keyboard). Code is given by the clipboard, where we have to perform the math with the number of lines each shape has. So first we have 2 multiplied with 4, which is 8 and so on, to get the code: 8694 Type this code on the keyboard to disable cameras.
6. Now we have to disable the power of the electrical fence. The clue is on the piece of paper we got the duct tape from. So on each of the power sources (we’ll start with the one inside the room), make the switches face the next directions: top row: right, down, right; bottom row: down, down, left (see photo)

7. Tap the fence with the dog and use the large blotcutter with the fence, then give the meat to the dog and tap the opening in the wall to enter.
8. In the first scene, tap the small area between the orange and gray boxes and get a plank. Go right and get a heavy wooden plank that is barely visible near a box to the right.
9 Now go all the way to the left and zoom in on the boxes. Take the rope.
10. Climb up the ladder: here is a code that must be unlocked and we’ll use the code from the soldier (3555) which tells us that we should move the first switch 3 times down (to 128) and the others all the way down, to the blacked out areas, which we must use our math skills to see what they were.
11. Go down and tap the door to the left. Use the dart to open the lock. Take an axe from the room, a small anchor and a third plank.
12. Go back to the main area and tap the power source to the left. Tap the electricity sign there and use the duct tape on the wires.
13. In your inventory, combine the three wooden planks (first, combine two, then add the third) and then drag the anchor to the rope.
14. Move all the way to the right and use the anchor and rope on the boat. Hop in and take a small key.
15. After doing the maths and finding the numbers on the code after climbing the ladder, you sum them all up and get 1015. Use this code on the power panel near the elevator.
16. Enter the elevator and use the key on the hole in the middle there’s a puzzle to complete, where you have to get the orange piece all the way to the right. Check out the image below for the final solution:

Here is the solution to the puzzle: drag the vertical piece to the right all the way down. Drag the 3 circles piece up. Drag the two horizontal pieces on the bottom to the left and drag the piece that blocks the exit all the way down. Now drag up the two vertical pieces to the left and drag the bottom 2 horizontal pieces all the way to the left. Drag down the other vertical piece that blocks the exit. Now drag the bottom piece to the right and the vertical piece with 3 circles down. Drag the piece with 2 circles to the right and the final piece that blocks the exit all the way down. Now you can move the orange piece to the exit.

17. Go back and twice to the right and you will see that a ladder has appeared to the ship. Go up the ladder (use the 3 planks to complete the missing piece).
18. Go up and…. this is it! Apparently, in mission 4 we’ll get to actually save the agent!

It was really difficult, but we finally managed to get this 100 Missions Level 3 walkthrough ready and help you complete the mission. I can hardly wait for the next one to be released and get the chance to actually save the agent. And boy, this was a difficult mission!