Dooors Walkthrough: Level 51 – 60 Solution

Dooors Walkthrough: Level 51 – 60 Solution

In case you still remember the highly neglected puzzle game Dooors, one of the first escape the room games to ever be released just to be completely ignored by its developers soon after… well, the game received an unexpected update today bringing us 10 more levels to complete, the Dooors level 51 to level 60. And, by all means, these are some nice levels that need a walkthrough posted as they are certainly here to give us some headaches.

So let’s check out together the Dooors walkthrough below for the new levels and enjoy them – it might be a long time before new ones are released!

Dooors level 51 walkthrough
Take that rope between the cones and hang it on the hook that can barely be seen in the upper left corner. The door will open.

Dooors level 52 walkthrough
Use the UV lamp in your inventory (the flashlight) to see the clue above the door. It tells us that we have to open the top two drawers on the left and the bottom two drawers on the right.

Dooors level 53 walkthrough
First, shake your phone until the eyes wake up. Then tilt your phone to make the eyeballs look in the same direction as the arrow above the wall shows. Do it until the door opens.

Dooors level 54 walkthrough
Move the right plant away and get the hammer. Use it on the barrel, then move to the side the big piece of wood to reveal a key. Use it on the door and exit.

Dooors level 55 walkthrough
Use the UV lamp above the levers to the right to see how to have them point. The arrows show you that, so on the left we have them (from down to top): up, down, up; and on the right we have them (From down to top): down, up, up.

Dooors level 56 walkthrough
Using the hammer from your inventory, hit the guy whenever it appears from those holes until you open the door.

Dooors level 57 walkthrough
First, use the match in your inventory to burn the grass. Then take the gun and shoot with it the top of the wooden board, so that it falls and makes a bridge. Exit the room

Dooors level 58 walkthrough
We need to turn some of those dots green, so to make it easier we’ll first number them from left to right, from 1 to 11. Now, tap the following dots to have them turn green: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11.

Dooors level 59 walkthrough
Use the pistol in your inventory to shoot down the sign, then rotate the phone as the picture above the door indicates, until you open the door (when all the dots turn green)

Dooors level 60 walkthrough
Use the pistol to destroy all the balloons to reveal the clue, then shoot the hinges off the door too. Now, using the hammer in the inventory, tap the nails in front of the door as instructed (from left to right): 1st nail – no tap; 2nd nail – 1 time; 3rd nail – 2 times; 4th nail – 1 time; 5th nail – 1 time and last nail no tap.

And this is it! You have completed the new Dooors levels. Let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait another 2 months for the next set of levels, especially since these didn’t look like levels that a lot of work was invested in…