The popular Dooors Game on iPhone has been updated with a lot of new levels (levels 36 – 50) and I am sure you already got stuck somewhere. It certainly isn’t easy to beat the game but now with this walkthrough that I have to share with you, you will have the solution to all the levels – even those most difficult ones! So read on the Dooors Game walkthrough for levels 36 to 50 and enjoy completing the game!

Dooors Level 36
Tilt the iPhone to the right, so that the red ball moves to the right. Now touch the phone screen where the two arrows would meet if there were lines. This should reveal a gray button that once revealed will open the door.

Dooors Level 37
Tap the globe and get the UV Flashlight. Use it on the top of the wall to reveal the countries. You must tap the buttons to the sides as indicated by the countries (left, right, right, left, right). Tap the door to open and go to the next level.

Dooors Level 38
Tilt the phone right to have the big rock to the right. Tilt the phone to the left until the two balls go to the left. When you have this, you can open the door.

Dooors Level 39
You need to tap the colors as follows: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue

Dooors Level 40
Slide the door as indicated by the drawing: slide the door left, downwards, right.

Dooors Level 41
Shake the phone until all the lights turn green so you can open the door (or is it dooor?)

Dooors Level 42
You have to select water (rain drops) on the left and fire to the right.

Dooors Level 43
Tilt the phone left and remove the bucket. Pick up the remote control. Use the remote on the TV. Touch the squares to the sides to get the indicated numbers (2 on the left, 7 on the right). You can now open the door.

Dooors Level 44
Pick up the brush on the ground and use it on the wall to clean all the spots and you see the footprints indicating the symbols required. So make the left square show a human and the left one a bird.

Dooors Level 45
Hold the white button until the timer on the clock reaches 9 o’clock (45 seconds). Open the door.

Dooors Level 46
The bolts to the sides should match the pattern on the door. So the bolts from the left should be like this (from top to bottom): \/\/ and the other ones /\/\. Now you can exit the dooor.

Dooors Level 47
Slide the door to the left and WAIT (don’t do anything!) until the eyes close. Now is the time to open the door and exit.

Dooors Level 48
Pick up the thing on the ground. Use the bucket in inventory with water to fill it up. Place the bucket on one chain and the other thing (the weight or whatever that is) on the other chain, the order does not matter. The locks that kept the door will go up. Now tilt the iPhone towards you and the door will fall and you can exit.

Dooors Level 49
Use the match with the rope that keeps the gates, in the lower part of the screen. Now drag the doors to the left and right to reveal the puzzle. You need to make the circles match the traingles on the faces. So we need: the top two circles to the left have the red triangles down. The two circles below have: circle to the left, triangle to the left, the other circle triangle to the right. The top two circles to the right have: circle to the left, triangle to the left, the other circle triangle to the right. The circles below both have the triangles in the upper side.

Dooors Level 50
Use the UV light at the top of the door to reveal instructions. You need to slide on the buttons until 50 of them are lit and you can open the door. Good luck!

And this is the walkthrough for the Dooors game, levels 36 to level 50. As you can see, there are some really difficult levels here, but I am sure that now that you have the solutions, things won’t seem as impossible as they did. And I really help that this walkthrough helped you, it took me quite some time to have it ready, as you can probably imagine!