Escape the Room Limited Time is an amazing escape the room game available on Android for free. If you have tried to play the game, then you certainly got stuck somewhere, realizing that the title is indeed extremely difficult. Fortunately, I am here to help you with a Escape the Room Limited Time walkthrough, a complete solution that will guide you through all the rooms and help you escape this amazing title. So check out the Escape the Room Limited Time solution below and let us know if there’s any extra help that you need!

Escape the Room Limited Time walkthrough: Room 1 Solution

– Take Box Cutter from the drawers
– Take the Torn Memo1 from the blue locker
– Take the Torn Memo2 that’s on the floor
– Combine the two Torn Memos and you will get completed Memo
– Examine the completed memo
– Open Brown Book on the desk and take Hand of God
– From the table, take the ruler and the Lighter from the table near the bed.
– Use the lighter to light up the candle and burn the completed memo, get the Charred Memo. Examine to see the code
– Use the box cutter on the poster on the wall between the desk and cabinet and use the code from the burnt memo (0213) to get the key and exit

Escape the Room Limited Time walkthrough: Room 2 Solution

– First take the following objects from the Study: Mysterious Book 1 from the rug, Mysterious Book 2 and Lighter from the drawers, Mysterious Book 3 from the box on the rug, Candle from the cabinet, Scissors from the desk, Rusty Cogwheel from safe door and Lubricant on the top corner near the pipe.
– Combine Lubricant and Rusty Cogwheel (get Cogwheel)
– Use the Cogwheel at the top of the room, near the gears
– Arrange the Mysterious Books on the bookcase to spell a certain word (MONEY)
– Use the Scissors on the rug (get Carpet)
– Use the passage
– In the new room, combine candle and lighter to get candlelight and lighten up the room
– Combine Carpet and Lubricant to get Lubricated Carpet
– Use the Lubricated carpet on the golden panel and get the code (it will be different from game to game)
– Use the code on the safe and get Old Journal
– Examine the Old Journal to get the key, that you will use in the previous room to exit

Escape the Room Limited Time walkthrough: Room 3 Solution

– You start in a bedroom where you have to collect the following items first: Memo on the floor, Short Wire on computer’s desk, Box Cutter from the drawers, Wrench and Cutting Nipper from the toolbox near the desk
– Examine Memo to see the clue and use it to open the safe with the heart symbol to get Journal (code is 03). Open the other safe to get Magnet (code 17)
– Use the Box Cutter on the rope and get Voodoo doll
– GEt Short Wire from the desk
– Use Cutting Nipper on the Door’s Wire, then use Wrench on the screws.
– Enter Room 1 and use Cutting Nipper on TV wire to get Electric Wire. Go back
– Use the electric wire with the cur wire and click the arrows near the door to open the door.
– Get the key from the woman’s neck and open Journal
– Enter the code from the Journal (last page) on the keypad. Code is: 0650
– Go back to bedroom and disassemble the Voodoo Doll (to get 2 items)
– Use Yarn and Magnet and get Tied Magnet and use it to get the key from the Fish Tank. Exit the room and enjoy!

Escape the Room Limited Time walkthrough: Room 4 Solution

– Get the piece of Chalk
– Get Box Cutter from the pencil Holder. Combine with Chalk for Chalk Powder
– Get the Die from the locker to the right
– Get Hammer from the left locker
– Check out the writing on the lower right side of the desk for a code
– There is a code on the mirror (randomized on each play) that tells you the sides of the die to check out. The code from the desk tells you how to add up to get the final 4 digit code.
– Click the safe and use the code (which is again randomzied due to the random code on the mirror) Get Key from the safe
– Use the key on the locker with the heart symbol and get Letter Envelope
– Disassemble the Letter Envelope to get envelope
– Examine the letter and get the Key
– Use the key on door and exit: the elevator is missing a button!
– Go back and click the heart symbol on the desk
– Use hammer on the cracks and walk out through the hole

And this is the walkthrough for the first 4 rooms in Escape the Room Limited Time. I hope that this will help you with your quest to exit the room and complete this great and challenging game.