Level 5 (or Mission 5) has been released to the 100 Missions game and I am here to share with you the walkthrough for the entire mission, which challenges you to continue the Agent Rescue and proceed with the wheelhouse infiltration.

This time, 100 Mission challenges us with a really difficult mission, and the walkthrough was not that easy to write, but I have it here share it with you – the 100 Missions Level 5 walkthrough and I really hope that you find it useful. If you still have any questions about the solution posted here, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Until then, let’s check out together the 100 missions Level 5 walkthrough!

1. Go left and tap the drawers. Under the captain’s hat, there is a key – take it. Also take a ruler for measurements from the books on the top right shelf.
2. Go left and use the small key on the dresser. Get microphone, logbook and L shaped ruler.
3. Go left to the door area and prepare for the headache: there is a puzzle box on the table and you have to complete it. From the top left, you have to arrange the numbers to show from 1 to 15. This will take you a while, but has to be done.
4. After unlocking the briefcase, you can get from there a map, a plastic sealed image and a key.
5. Go back and twice to the right, and tap the globe. Put the map on the table, then tap on the globe to zoom in. Use the wooden key on the spot on the frame and tap the globe for a new plastic image. Drag in the inventory one sheet over the other to get the code: 4756.
6. Go back and right and click the ship photo. Tap to remove it and use the code (4756) to open the safe. Take the watch and the compass.
7. Tap the lower left side of the pillar with the clock and get an instrument for measuring angles.
8. Go left and tap the second computer. Get a pen from there. Go back and tap near the same work station to the lower right corner, towards the wheel and get a power strip extension cord.
9. Go back to the globe and place on the map: the compass, the ruler, the pencil, the L shaped ruler and the instrument for angles. You will get some coordinates.
10. Go to the door area and use the extension cord to put the green machine in function.
11. Go to the wheel room and put in to the work station to the right the date of birth of Fryatt (1872).
12. Tap the shelves near the chair, under the place where you put the code and open the second shelf from top – you will get a microphone set and some headphones. In your inventory, combine the microphone with the set.
13. Go back to the green machine you have plugged in and use the microphone and headphones with it. Type the coordinates (41465014) and you will get a new code: 6891.
14. Tap the door and use the code to get out!

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Missions Level 5 is complete and it was my pleasure to share it with you. I really hope that it was helpful – if it was, then check back soon for more walkthroughs as soon as new missions are released.


  1. How the heck do you get the coordinates & birth date? I put the measuring tools on the map & get nothing. I see the pic of the captn but not birthdate. I love solutions but go nuts trying to figure out how you get them!! Thks


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