Albert is a really amazing adventure game that you can play on your iOs powered device and there are many things to do and unlock in the game, including finding 24 hidden treasures. I am here to make things easier for you and share the locations for the hidden treasures in the Albert game for iPhone, a complete walkthrough that will help you complete the game with all the treasures in your pocket.

So let’s waste no time and let’s find out where to find all the Albert treasures in the game with some really useful Albert cheats!

1. Fish: Near the start button, turn Albert around and he’ll have the fish on his back.
2. Black Demo Cassette: After pressing the start button, find it in the menu.
3. Green Turtle: You will find it floating after pressing the + in the Home Menu
4. Pink Piggy: Check out the credits by pressing the “i” button in the menu and scroll all the way down.
5. Light Blue Teapot: Check out the rules by pressing the ? button in the menu and scrolling all the way down.
6. Red Hat Dwarf doll: When in the room and Albert is sleeping, tilt the phone and the dwarf will appear at the window.
7. Yellow Duck: Near the bathtub.
8. Ice Cream: In the kitchen, on the shelf near the window at the back of Albert.
9. Gameboy: Remove a blue book to reveal it.
10. Snail: When Albert is on the skateboard, you can see the snail in the lower left corner, near the grass, behind the sign.
11. Red Fish: When you are at the river, you will see the fish jump.
12. Red Apple: When at the tree, tilt the phone and the apple will appear to the other side of the tree.
13. Ship, Yacht, Boat: You will see this strange ship on the water.
14. Cactus: it’s a small green one near the big house (in the scene with 2 houses and the Eiffel tower in the back).
15. Comb: In the fun park, you will see a comb on the head of a man.
16. Corkscrew: During the bug race, touch the ladybug to drop the treasure.
17. Heart Glasses: During the night when Albert meets the girl, tilt the phone and the glasses will drop.
18. Banana: When cutting the wood, shake the phone and a banana will drop.
19. Camera: In the puzzle stage, tap the chimney of the house until you get the camera.
20. Guitar: In the supermarket, you will find it on the top shelf.
21. Globe: When finding the candies, touch Albert’s left eye until you get it.
22. Spoon: ???
23. White Cookie: When driving, tap the horn a few times.
24. Huge Teddy Bear: It automatically drops in the game.

And there you have it! You know have the Albert Cheats for the iPhone app with the hidden treasure locations revealed. Hope you’ll have a great time finding all these treasures!