Stupidness 3 is a very funny game that “tests” your IQ with funny and interesting questions and gives you scores based on how fast you are able to provide the correct answers. To help you, I have decided to create this article with all the Stupidness 3 answers in order to help you brag to your friends with your top score. So check out the Stupidness 3 walkthrough below and be a boss!

Question 1: Turtle

Question 2: 12 (it’s a list of even numbers)

Question 3: Answer 3 (because lions who haven’t eaten in 3 years are dead!)

4: Turn your phone upside down and tap the smallest tick

5: Tap the moon (it’s furthest from the word “us”)

6: Swipe your finger over the blue line

7: Simply tap the screen fast where the star comes through and you will eventually catch it.

8: Drag the _ before the 3 to create a minus, and -3 will be the correct answer

9: Drag the wires away to reveal the blue one, then swipe your finger over it to cut it.

10: Simply drag the elephant off the screen.

11: Drag the 3 to the left, then put the 21 to its right. 3 at power 21 is the biggest number here.

12: Shoot the word bird with the arrow.

13: Drag the box off the screen.

14: Put all the shapes into the square.

15: Drag the “.” from the question to create the 2.34 number

16: Tap the word “the button” 3 times

17: Move the 1 from the 16 to the 1 in the equation.

18: Move cat and fish into the box, then rub away the word fish.

19: Tap the word buttons

20: Drag the third arrow to the first one and tap them.

21: Swipe all apples to remove them, then turn your phone upside down and shake to remove the rest.

22: Turn the phone upside down and tap

23: Here are some more steps to follow, and I provide you the instructions for each of the questions:
Question: Let there be summer
Answer: Move the earth towards the sun
Question: Let there be winter
Answer: Move the earth away from the sun
Question: Let there be night
Answer: Move the sun off screen
Question: Let there be wind
Answer: Shake the device
Question: Let there be no earth
Answer: Put the earth into the sun

24: Tap and hold the right hand and shake the phone.

25: 5 stars!

26: Move one square over the other to create an overlapping one.

27: Tap, at the same time, the leaf the frog is on and the one to the right.

28: Rub the steam from the top of the coffee.

29: Tilt the device towards you to remove the ball.

30: Tap all the leaves to catch the frog.

31: Tap the here word.

32: With two fingers, hold the pen and cap and move sideways to separate them

33: Flip your phone upside down and shake it.

34: Remove the “5 minute break” from the question

35: Drag the comma after “Stupdiness 3”

And there you have it! The Stupidness 3 answers are here for the first 35 questions and I am sure that more will come. I will make sure to update with the rest of the walkthrough when we have the questions, but until then, have fun completing the game!