10 new levels have just been released for the popular 100 Lights game for iPhone and I am here to share with you the complete walkthrough for the new levels. This means that if you got stuck playing one of the new levels (from 41 to 50), you will find the solution here! So let’s check out below the 100 Lights walkthrough for levels 41 to level 50 and have fun completing the game!

100 Lights Level 41 walkthrough
Slide your finger downwards on the 5 red books on the shelves.

100 Lights Level 42 walkthrough
Pick 2 green and 1 red book from the top shelf and put them on the bottom shelf, to the left. Now slide all the books to the left and right, so all the green ones are touching and all red ones are touching.

100 Lights Level 43 walkthrough
Tilt the phone towards you to have the sculpture drop. Pick up the key and use it on the safe.

100 Lights Level 44 walkthrough
Switch the books between each other until the match the indicated numbers above the squares.

100 Lights Level 45 walkthrough
Tap the pink ball in the square, then move the clock on the upper shelf to the right. Now tilt the phone towards you to have the ball fall and guide it to the green button (use the books in the inventory to fill in the gap on the third shelf).

100 Lights Level 46 walkthrough
Fill in the shape with the corresponding pieces.

100 Lights Level 47 walkthrough
Again, you have to fill in the shape with pieces from the square.

100 Lights Level 48 walkthrough
Time for more outline filling!

100 Lights Level 49 walkthrough
Time for more outline filling!

100 Lights Level 50 walkthrough
Finally, the last time when we have to drag the shapes and fill in the shape.

And this is it! The walkthrough for 100 Lights levels 41 to level 50 is here. Hopefully this helped you understand the levels, the requirements and what you have to do in order to move forward. So stay tuned for more walkthroughs for this game as soon as new levels are released!