100 Lights walkthrough for levels 16 to level 30 is here! Things are getting a bit more complicated now in the 100 Lights puzzle game for the iPhone and I am here to help you with some cheats: the complete walkthrough for each of the new levels of the game, so that you can complete them in case you get stuck.

If the first 15 levels were here to get us used to the mechanics of the game, levels from 16 to 30 are here to challenge us a little bit and become a bit more complicated. So read on this 100 Lights walkthrough for the new set of levels!

100 Lights Level 16 walkthrough
Move the moon above one of the trees to light it up, then do the same to light up the next tree.

100 Lights Level 17 walkthrough
Pick up the sticks, then select them and tap and swipe on the camp fire to start the fire.

100 Lights Level 18 walkthrough
1. Tap the jar to take it, then select it from your inventory and tap the fireflies to catch them (all 3)
2. Shake your phone to light up the fireflies.

100 Lights Level 19 walkthrough
1. Turn the device to each side to make the rain fall to the left or right of the campfire.
2. Select the sticks from the inventory and swipe them on the fire to start it.

100 Lights Level 20 walkthrough
Take the jar of fireflies from your inventory and tap the lamp.

100 Lights Level 21 walkthrough
Get the wrench and use it to open the safe to the left then press the switch to turn on the lights.

100 Lights Level 22 walkthrough
1. Use the wrench from the items on the water pipe in the upper left corner to make water drop.
2. After a puddle is formed, use the puddle again and wait for the lamp to catch fire.

100 Lights Level 23 walkthrough
Here is how it should look:

First Row: On, Off
Second Row: Off, On
Third Row: On, Off
Fourth Row: On, Off

100 Lights Level 24 walkthrough
Turn all the switches on to turn on the lamps.

100 Lights Level 25 walkthrough
1. For the first switch, simply tap and drag it to the right.
2. For the middle switch, turn your device upside down
3. For the final switch, shake the device

100 Lights Level 26 walkthrough
This is a puzzle, an easy one: tap the top left piece, then the top right one twice, bottom left 3 times and bottom right twice.

100 Lights Level 27 walkthrough
Simply tap the lamp and keep it pressed until it lights.

100 Lights Level 28 walkthrough
Move and drag the light bulb to the lamp. Them swipe to the right on the bulb several times to screw it, until it lights up.

100 Lights Level 29 walkthrough
Tap the pieces and drag in a circular motion until you have a lightbulb.

100 Lights Level 30 walkthrough
It’s a puzzle of a light bulb – put them together until you have a full picture.

And there you have it! The 100 Lights walkthrough is complete – we don’t have a very difficult puzzle game here and that’s great because we need simpler games too!