100 Lights, a brand new puzzle game with an interesting approach to the genre has been launched for iPhone and I am here to share with you a walkthrough for the game: cheats and solutions for each level, so you can move forward and keep turning the lights on. We’re starting with the first 15 levels of the game which are pretty easy to complete, but might still give you some headaches.

So in case you ever got stuck at a certain level, read on this 100 Lights Walkthrough and you will know what to do to solve the puzzle! So check out the answers below!

100 Lights Level 1 walkthrough
1. Tap the lamp on the table to turn on the light. Pretty easy!

100 Lights Level 2 walkthrough
Tap the switch on the left wall to turn on the lamp.

100 Lights Level 3 walkthrough
1. Tap and hold the tree, then swipe to the left to move it.
2. Tap the lamp that was behind the tree

100 Lights Level 4 walkthrough
1. Tap the arrow sign and swipe to the left.
2. Press the switch to open the lamp.
3. Tap and swipe the curtains to open them

100 Lights Level 5 walkthrough
1. Tap and swipe the curtains to open them
2. Rotate the phone/device to the right 90 degrees (to change the indicator on the clock)

100 Lights Level 6 walkthrough
Take the torch from the left wall and use it to light up the torch near the door, then continue to the next level

100 Lights Level 7 walkthrough
Use the torch on the explosives near the door.

100 Lights Level 8 walkthrough
Flick your device upside down to remove the doors (move the device to the left). Then tap door to exit.

100 Lights Level 9 walkthrough
1. Tap the dark gray stone on the wall, then tap the door to open.
2. Tap the items button and use the torch from the inventory to put the logs on fire.

100 Lights Level 10 walkthrough
1. Press the gray stone around the door as indicated by the code on the window: bottom left, bottom right, middle left, middle right, top.
2. Use the torch on the pile of wood.

100 Lights Level 11 walkthrough
Shake the device until you have light.

100 Lights Level 12 walkthrough
Quickly and repeatedly tap the green sticks on the battery until the light bulb lights up.

100 Lights Level 13 walkthrough
1. Tap the matchbox and then take one match.
2. From the inventory, use the match with matchbox.
3. Use the lit match to put the matchbox on fire, then the candle.

100 Lights Level 14 walkthrough
Use the lit match in your inventory and light up the candles from the shortest one to the tallest.

100 Lights Level 15 walkthrough
Click any lamp (it will take you to either rating page, Facebook or Twitter but you DON’T have to like, rate or tweet). Just return and you are done with the level!

And there you have it! The 100 Lights walkthrough for levels 1 to 15 is here. We had some pretty easy levels to start with and the goal of these levels was to get us used with the game’s mechanics, but the upcoming levels will be a bit more challenging. So stay tuned for a walkthrough for the next levels too!