Hello and welcome to a new episode of the What’s My IQ Cheats with answers for a new set of levels, from level 36 to 50 for the popular puzzle app for the iPhone. If you still have trouble with the first series of questions, don’t hesitate to check out the What’s My IQ answers for them – the first 35 levels.

If you got this far, though, and you want to continue, let’s see how you can complete the last 15 levels of the game – the free version (and then probably decide to upgrade for the full version and get 50 more levels). Here are the What’s My IQ Cheats: Level 36 – 50 Answers!

Level 36: Drag “north” between the first 2 compasses, then tap the first one.
Level 37: Turn your phone upside down, then drag the dart through them.
Level 38: Drag the photo frame to the left where the star appears then press the photo button when it’s in the frame.
Level 39: Tap and drag the “cat” from “catfish” then tap “cat”.
Level 40: Move all the campfires one on another, them press them.
Level 41: Put two fingers on the sides of the cloud and drag the cloud sideways to destroy it.
Level 42: Tap the 20 kg weight, then the 10 kg one. Then slowly tilt your phone to the left to make the top weight go sideways, until the counter shows 25.
Level 43: Move away the middle top fish, then tap the one under it.
Level 44: Tap the bell 5 times.
Level 45: Break the top right cloud in two and tap one of the resulting clouds.
Level 46: Drag the sun in the corner and press the owl when it appears.
Level 47: Type “it” because that’s what the final question asks :P
Level 48: Tap and hold the “Charge” button until all batteries are full.
Level 49: Tap the squares to make them show the following colors, from left to right: red, black, red, black, red, black.
Level 50: 18

And this is it! These are the correct answers for What’s My IQ, the first 50 levels. I am sure you had a great time with the game – these levels are available in the free version, but you can get 50 more if you upgrade.