It’s time to wrap up the update of new levels for 100 Rooms and complete the level 41 as well as level 42 in the game. Since this is difficult to achieve by your own, I am here to share with you a complete walkthrough for the 100 Rooms Levels 41 and 42 and I really hope that you will enjoy it and find it useful!

100 Rooms Level 41 Walkthrough

  • Tap the lower left side of the coffin and get the hammer.
  • Go right and get the rope from the wall. Get the magnet from the shelf.
  • Go right twice and get the pliers. Use the rope with pliers to make hook.
  • Go left and tap the middle coffin, then use the hook to get the ball of yarn.
  • Go right and use the hammer on the coffin. Use the pliers on the skeleton’s mouth to get teeth.
  • Combine teeth with yarn in the inventory. Combine magnet with yarn in the inventory.
  • Go right twice and tap the hole on the ground. Use the tooth, then the magnet to get a lighter.
  • Go left and tap the cross on the coffin. Use the lighter to see the code. Go to the door and use the code: 946317 to open.

100 Rooms Level 42 Walkthrough

  • Pick up the hammer and wire. Go right and pick up the drill, go right again and pick up the piece of paper.
  • Tap the pipe under the window and get the scissors from the window.
  • Go right and get a piece of wood. Come back to the pipe.
  • In your inventory, use the scissors with the paper and the paper with the wood. Use the drill with the wood and put the resulting piece on the middle of the pipe. Tap the handle.
  • Go right and use the hammer on the brick wall. Use the wires from the inventory and exit this room!

And this is it! We have completed all the new levels of 100 Rooms and we have to now wait for new missions. As soon as we get them, I will make sure to share with you the walkthroughs. Until then, you can check out the 100 Rooms walkthrough for levels 36 – 40 in case you need some extra help.