With the new set of rooms released for 100 Rooms, there is a real challenge to complete all the new levels, but I am here with updated walkthroughs for each of the new rooms and I am going to share with you a complete guide with instructions on how to complete all levels from level 36 to level 40. So let’s not waste any time and let’s get the 100 Rooms walkthrough continued!

100 Rooms Level 36 Walkthrough

  • Go left and pick up three shovels
  • Go right twice and pick up a lantern, rope and the map.
  • Go right and use the rope on the hole. Then, use the lantern on the hole and using the instructions on the map, you have to dig. So, first select the brown shovel and tap the screen twice. Go right. Tap the screen 8 times. Go right and tap the screen 6 times. Go right and tap the screen twice. Go left and tap the screen 4 times. Go left and tap 6 times. Go left and tap 6 times (again). Go right and tap the screen 4 times.
  • A creature with funny legs appears. Use the rainbow shovel on it and then use the last shovel to open the door.

100 Rooms Level 37 Walkthrough

  • Go right and pick from the shelves cheese and a hammer.
  • Go right twice and use the hammer on the bricks on the wall. Tap the hole to get a small dog.
  • Tap the shelves near the hole and pick up from a jar some seeds, then use the cheese with the green jar.
  • Go left and get a net from under the window. Tap the window and put the seeds in front of it. Go back and use the net on the bird – you get a key.
  • Go left and tap on the lower right side of the shelves. Use poisoned cheese there and go back. Tap again and you will see a dead rat. Take the rat.
  • Go to the door and use the rat on the lizard.
  • Use the key on the cage and use the dog on the door. You get a key that opens the door and you can exit.

100 Rooms Level 38 Walkthrough

  • Go left three times and follow the lines. You have to make the colors the same. Here is how each of the white squares should look like, in case you don’t want to follow all the lines:
  • Now tap the door and you are out!

100 Rooms Level 39 Walkthrough

  • Tap the upper left corner of the door to get a hammer’s head.
  • Go left and tap the knife on the table to get it. Tap the steak and get a part of stethoscope then use the knife on the side of the painting to get another piece
  • Go right twice and get the head of the stethoscope. Tap the safe to the left and from the left side, hidden in the shadows, take the hammer handle. Now combine the three elements of the stethoscope to get a complete one. Also combine the hammer head and handle.
  • Use the stethoscope on the safe’s handle, then on the upper right part to reveal a lock. Turn the handle: left 3 times, right 7 times, left 6 times and right 9 times. Pick up a metal thing from the safe.
  • Go right and zoom in on the sword. Put the metal bar in the hole in the rock and use the hammer on it.
  • Get the sword and use it on the door’s lock to exit.

100 Rooms Level 40 Walkthrough

  • Go right and pick up chairs and clock.
  • Go right and pick up the box and bottle of vodka from the window.
  • Go right and get an umbrella from the basket and the rope from the lower shelf. Tap the top of the table and get a pen.
  • Now, in your inventory, combine the box with the bottle, then combine it with the two chairs. Then, add the clock, add the rope and the pen.
  • Put the bomb in front of the door and use the umbrella on it. Press the pen and exit!

And there you have it! These were the walkthroughs for 100 Rooms, levels 36 to level 40 and I hope you had a great time completing these levels with our help. If you did, don’t forget to share this with your friends so that they know about these solutions too! And stay tuned for more walkthroughs for 100 Rooms!