Two really interesting and challenging levels in 100 Rooms are the Rooms 34 and 35 – or level 34 and level 35, depending on how you want to call them, and I am here to share with you all the details about what to do to complete them by sharing a walkthrough with step by step instructions to make things a lot easier. So check out the 100 Rooms walkthrough for level 34 and level 35 and have fun completing this new set of levels in this great Android app!

100 Rooms Level 34 Walkthrough

  • Tap the door’s handle and pick up a screwdriver.
  • Go left and tap the table. Get one tip for the screwdriver from the table, then combine the two items in your inventory.
  • Go left and tap the left side of the well. Get a saw from there.
  • Go left again and tap the shelves. From the left side of the bottom shelf, pick up a wooden item. Now use the screwdriver on the wood thing on the table and get some screws. Use the item with the saw, then add the screws. Finally, use the screwdriver to complete the saw.
  • Go right twice and use the saw on the table.
  • Go left and pick up a handle from the right side of the well. Use it with the wooden piece.
  • Use the handle on the upside of the well and then tap the cord to the right side of the well. Tap the handle and the bucket will come up.
  • Tap the bucket to get a key and use it to exit the room

100 Rooms Level 35 Walkthrough

  • Go right and tap the big fan thing to get a knob and a lamp.
  • Go right and get the towel. Use the towel on the lamp.
  • Go right and tap the screens above to reveal some things (person, earth etc)
  • Now go left and tap the computer. Press the man, the earth and the space ship. Pick up the paper and the screwdriver.
  • Double tap the paper and use the genie on it to get a 5. Then use the genie again on the paper to get a 7.
  • Go right and tap the door. Use the knob on the plus sign above and press the red button.
  • Now you have to be fast: put the 5 and 7 buttons in place, then slide the lever on the lower side all the way to the right, then press 957 to open the door.

And this is it! You have completed level 34 in 100 Rooms, as well as Level 35. I am sure you had a great time with the new levels which were really difficult – but now you know how to complete them. Stay tuned with Unigamesity for even more solutions to the 100 Rooms levels!