It’s time to check out the walkthrough for a couple more levels in 100 Rooms, Level 32 and Level 33 which were released with the latest update of the game. I am here to share with you the step by step instructions to complete the Level 32 and Level 33 in the game, so let’s check out the instructions in this guide below!

100 Rooms Level 32 Walkthrough

  • Go left and tap the left side of the table. Get pills and screwdriver near the plant.
  • Go left and use the screwdriver on the right rack that holds the curtains.
  • Go left and use the metal that you got to block the sliding door after you press it.
  • Tap the levers and set them as instructed on the door by middle symbols: left one, all the way down. second lever, tap twice. Third lever, don’t touch. Fourth lever, tap once.
  • Go to the door and press the symbols in the following order: first, the top left one, second the middle right one, third the bottom right one, then the one in the middle. Proceed to the next level!

100 Rooms Level 33 Walkthrough

  • Tap the umbrella holder near the door to get a stick.
  • Go left and tap bottles until you get one with a key inside.
  • Go left and use the bottle with key with water.
  • Go left and put the bottle in the freezer.Go back and tap the freezer’s door again to get key.
  • Go to the bottles area and use the key to open the drawer. Get knife.
  • Go left and use the knife on the wines, then fill up 3 bottles with water.
  • Go to the left and tap on the broken area on the wall over the table. Use the knife with the stick and put the stick there.
  • Go back and put the three bottles with water on the scale.
  • Go to the bottle area and tap the open safe. Use the wines with the middle and exit!

And this is it! You have both the 100 Rooms Level 32 walkthrough and the 100 Rooms Level 33 walkthrough here and I hope you had a great time completing these two new levels!