And finally, we have the 100 Rooms level 30 walkthrough to share with you, the solution for the latest level released with the latest update for the game. Things are again pretty complicated in this level, but with this step by step guide you will have no trouble in completing the level.

So let’s check out the 100 Rooms Level 30 walkthrough below!

NOTE: If you cut the curtain, the knife disappears and you won’t be able to cut the suit. So make sure you do it in the correct order, otherwise you will not be able to complete the level!

1. Go right and tap the dresser to get a suit, then tap the base of the dresser and get knife.

2. Tap the vanity to the left and pick up the matches.

3. Go left and use the matches on the plant. Take the hook. Go back and use the knife on the curtain to the right to take it.

4. In your inventory, double tap the curtain and use the hook on it. Double tap the suit and use the knife to get wires.

5. Go right and us the curtain with hook on the blue balance. Tap the place where the weight was and take the key.

6. Go right twice to the vanity and use the key on the big door, then get a rod. In your inventory, double tap the rod and use it with the wire. Go and use the resulting item with the door and you’re out!

And this is it! The 100 Rooms Level 30 walkthrough is complete – I hope you had a great time completing this level and I am sure you can hardly wait for new levels to be released. Until then, though, you can check out the 100 Rooms Level 29 walkthrough and make sure to come back here as soon as a new update is released for the solution to the other levels.