Finally, Hold Up for iPhone has been updated with some new content and I am here to share with you the walkthrough for the new levels. We’ll start with levels 21 to 30, a nice set of new levels that I am sure you will love to complete. And pretty soon we’ll have the walkthrough up for the rest of the levels too.

But until then, let’s check out the Hold Up walkthrough below for levels 21 to 30!

Hold Up Level 21 walkthrough
This is a really tough level, in which you have to balance and tilt your phone until you get the balls in the green areas. A good strategy would be that of moving the right ball to the green area first, then working on the left ball while making sure that the right one isn’t getting too far away. It’s difficult, but doable!

Hold Up Level 22 walkthrough
Simply place your phone flat on the table and don’t touch it until all the red dots become green. Then, touch the door and open it.

Hold Up Level 23 walkthrough
Here you have to tap green balls when they come out of the holes until all the lights above the safe’s door are green. Then, you can exit.

Hold Up Level 24 walkthrough
Here, it is all up to you. You must complete the puzzle by leaving the top left piece black.

Hold Up Level 25 walkthrough
Here, you must have both balls fall on the green platforms. Again, this is really difficult, but with some practice, you will have it done. As a tip, the ball will fall on the platform if you keep both fingers pressed between the platforms – try and adjust your position until you get it right.

Hold Up Level 26 walkthrough
Here, things are a lot easier as all you have to do is to rotate the squares and make the lines in the puzzles form a connected circuit.

Hold Up Level 27 walkthrough
There are five trays to put balls into and you will have a lot of hard work to achieve that. You have to put the following amounts in the corresponding trays: 2 balls into the 1st tray, 3 balls into the 2nd tray, 2 balls into the 3rd tray, 1 ball into the 4th tray, and 2 balls into the 5th tray.

Hold Up Level 28 walkthrough
In this level, you must move the blue circles to connect the lasers so that they hit the green dot. It’s a lot of work involved, especially because there are two sides of the door that have to be completed. On the left, you should have laser pointing down at the bottom, near it, laser pointing to the low right, above is a laser pointing straight to the right, above it we have it pointing to the upper right. To its left, laser points to the upper left and below to the lower left.

The right side lasers are pointing to the lower right, then to the upper left, to the upper right and lower right, upper right, lower left, lower right and upper right.

Hold Up Level 29 walkthrough
You have to beat this level before the time runs out and it’s a guessing game: press the red button and the arrows above (or below) the numbers will turn blue. If the upper arrow is blue, it means that the indicated number should be bigger, or if the arrow pointing downwards is blue, it means that the number is lower. Keep trying until you have all the correct numbers.

Hold Up Level 30 walkthrough
Press the banner that looks like an ad, reading “Hold-up” and the door unlocks.

And this is it! The walkthrough to Hold Up for Iphone has been completed! It is a pretty difficult game which requires a lot of practice, but I really loved the challenge and I am sure you did too. If you have trouble with other levels, you can check out the Hold Up walkthrough for the first 20 levels, and make sure to check back soon for the rest of the walkthrough!